Friday , 18 August 2017
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Pokemon Go’s Japan Launch Delayed: Report

Game maker Niantic has delayed Wednesday’s planned launch of Pokemon Go in Japan after a leak of a McDonald’s Japan internal communication found its way to Internet forums, technology news site TechCrunch reported. TechCrunch, citing an unnamed source, said  there were concerns among the companies that the hype generated would overload the game. It added that it wasn’t immediately clear ... Read More »

Effective Startup Of A Business While Taking Care Of Unmanageable Debts

Irrespective of the situations in your life, you would be liable of facing debts. There can be seen numerous entrepreneurs who had owed money on student loans, mortgages or maybe all of the above. Due to these heavy incredible balances, it can actually put a stop to their dreams of business ownership. Quitting your job in right to establish your ... Read More »

Free Up Your Cash Flow By Consolidating Your Business Debts

Both small and large businesses are known to struggle alike with loan repayments. There is no harm in expanding your business to new heights. However, at the same time, it would also be requisite for paying back your debts on time. While taking loans for expansion of your business from creditors and lenders, you would be advised to keep certain ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Overview Of Dealing With Small Business Debt

Similar to individuals, businesses also suffer from immense debts. Therefore, it is vital to take on the right amount of debt at the right time, in right to avoid unwanted situations from rising. It can actually make a lot of difference between a struggling business and one that succeeds. If you would want your business to be the latter one, ... Read More »

Twitter May Bring Live NFL Games to Apple TV: Report

Shares in US social media giant Twitter jumped Monday, lifted by news reports of discussions to make its streaming broadcasts available on Apple TV. The stock was up 6.58 percent at $20.82 in midday trading on the New York Stock Exchange, marking the first time since early January that Twitter shares have topped $20. The rise came after a New ... Read More »

Why New Zealand Is Perfect for Sports Lovers

New Zealand has long been a highly tempting destination for people looking to start a new life in a friendly, welcoming country. There are many different factors that make this such a tremendous country to live in. Among them we can see that this is a brilliant spot for people who enjoy a sporting lifestyle. Hiking and Cycling Possibilities The ... Read More »

Charitable Startup Finds New Use for Old Cardboard Boxes

How many empty cardboard boxes do you have in your home? If you shop online, the answer is probably quite a few. But what if you had a way to take all of those boxes and do some good with them? That’s what Monika Wiela thought about when she decided to launch her charitable startup, Give Back Box. The idea behind ... Read More »

Solar Powered Startup Provides Protection Against Lion Attacks

How do you stop a lion from attacking your farm animals? If this isn’t a problem you encounter often, then you probably weren’t aware that bright lights help keep the predatory animals away at night. But it is a problem for farmers in rural Africa – and so is getting electricity to their homes. Until recently, one of the only ... Read More »

You Could Soon Buy Furniture That Was Built by Bacteria

When you buy a piece of furniture, you can be reasonably sure that it was designed and built by people. But in the future, that might not be the case. In fact, you might be able to purchase furniture and similar structures that are literally grown from bacteria. Yes, bacteria – the microorganisms that are found in most habitats throughout ... Read More »

This Coimbatore-Based Company Is Crowdfunding an Electric Bike

HIGHLIGHTS The Spero electric bike has a rechargeable battery and motor There are three models with range from 30km to 100km The base model starts at Rs. 29,900 The Spero electric bike, made by Coimbatore based Milltex Engineers, promises to be a smart alternative for the urban commute, but it doesn’t come cheap with the base model starting at Rs. ... Read More »