Wednesday , 13 December 2017
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CBSE invites students to fill up the online feedback form

cbse feedback

So as to collect information regarding the students’ view about the school’s infrastructure, functioning and teaching, the CBSE has put up a questionnaire on the official website of the central board. As per newspaper reports, the main purpose of this step is to obtain feedback from its students about their schools’ teaching methodology and the board’s curriculum quality so as to strengthen the same.

The students are required to fill in the online feedback form at the official website, by giving honest opinion and important suggestions. This exercise is part of the ministry of human resource development (MHRD) to develop a new education policy by getting feedback from all stakeholders.

Only students of Classes 5 to 12 can rate their school and give suggestions for improving teaching content.

A different questionnaire for students from Classes 5 to 8 and for Classes 9 to 12 have been prepared.

The questionnaires consist of 22 questions each and students are required to fill in details like their name, class and school details in the same.

As per the board the questionnaire will be kept confidential. But since there is no authentication system in place in the online form, it is very easy for anybody to use a fake name and submit the feedback. So students are requested to be completely honest while filling the same so that serious step could be taken for improvements.

Questionnaire pattern

The starting part of the questionnaire demands information about the student, name and location of school and how far it is from his/her residence.

Feedback regarding the level of safety in specific areas of the school like playground, corridors, classrooms and toilet have to be given.

Students then also have to tell if their school provides infrastructure for those who are differently abled.

Questions regarding teachers and students relationship and how satisfied are they with the teaching will also be asked.

How interesting and useful is the teaching content which is used in class will also be asked.

It is not mandatory for the students to fill the feedback but those who are willing to fill in the same have to submit it by October 5.