Saturday , 23 September 2017
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Facebook’s AI Team Maps Earth to Beam Internet Access to All

Social networking giant Facebook is using its artificial intelligence (AI) technology and resources to map the entire Earth and launch the world’s most detailed population maps that will help it beam cheap Internet to remote areas. To begin with, the Facebook AI team crunched 14.6 billion images of maps from across 20 countries, including India, covering 21.6 million sq kms ... Read More »

If not for Bill Clinton we could have taxed the internet, says Peter Costello

Governments around the world missed a golden opportunity to raise “unbelievable amounts of money” by putting a tax on access to the internet when it was in its infancy, according to former Treasurer Peter Costello. Speaking to Fairfax Media in his new role as chairman of free-to-air broadcaster Nine Entertainment Co, Mr Costello recalled sitting in his Parliamentary office in the 1990s ... Read More »

Grand Theft Internet

How much would it matter to you if all of a sudden your company’s Internet traffic started going somewhere else?  Maybe to your competitor, a criminal organization, or a foreign government?  Sound bad? In my last article, “The Great Network Forgery,” I explained how the Internet infrastructure industry allows mass forgery of IP addresses. That digital identity theft allows botnets ... Read More »

LED bulb could connect you to Internet

Imagine an LED bulb doubling as an access point for connecting to the Internet and ordinary light being used as a medium to carry data. A whole new world wherein a bulb would not only give us light but also help us access the Web might not be too far away, if a new technology called Li-Fi (or Light-Fidelity) goes ... Read More »

Utah’s Internet Sales Tax Folly

Who says Republicans don’t support tax hikes? In recent years, some GOP lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have pushed and pleaded with their colleagues to levy a sales tax on online vendors. Fortunately for the hundreds of millions of Americans who shop online, these efforts have repeatedly failed. But the GOP’s would-be tax-hikers aren’t giving up. They’ve just turned their attention ... Read More »