Friday , 24 September 2021
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The 3 Main Types of Scaffolding and What They are used for

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If you happen to work in the construction field – or are interested in larger home improvements, then chances are that you have come across some form of scaffolding in your life. Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is built on the outside of the building, and is used while building, repairing, or cleaning the building. Scaffolding is used to get to the higher points of the building, or areas that are not easily accessible otherwise. Scaffolds are typically equipped with guardrails as well, to ensure safety – and that certain safety standards are being followed.

There are 3 basic types of scaffolding. The first type is known as supported scaffolds, which consist of one or more platforms, supported by rigid members, like poles, legs, frames, etc. This type of scaffold is built from the ground upwards. It consists of lumber, and poles, to make a framed scaffold – you climb a ladder to mount this type of scaffold, and there is a platform in the middle of the scaffold, allowing you to work on the building. Support scaffolding allows you to be grounded on the supports – and can be mobile as well, if wheels are attached to the bottom of the supports.

The next type of scaffolding is known as suspended scaffolding.  In this kind of scaffolding, the working platform is suspended from roofs with the help of wire ropes, or chains. It is composed of pulleys, levers and switches. This type of scaffolding can be raised or lowered to the required level. This type of scaffolding is useful because it allows you to easily go up or down the walls of the building – which you may not be able to do with support scaffolding. This type of scaffolding is most useful when you’re repairing or painting the side of the building, or the side of your home.

The last type of scaffolding is known as aerial lifts. Aerial lifts are mounted devices that have the capability to be lifted to other heights, and other locations. This is helpful to those who have a need for the scaffolding to be lifted to a different location. Aerial lifts are useful for short-term construction projects, or for the maintenance or repair of buildings. However, for this type of scaffolding to work, the use of shackles is required, to prevent them from accidentally falling from the hook carrying the lift.

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