Thursday , 9 February 2023
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Monkeypox does not pose a Covid-style risk despite its swift spread, top health execs say

Business and political leaders gathered in the Swiss hilltop town of Davos in May 2022 for the World Economic Forum. Xinhua News Agency | Xinhua News Agency | Getty Images As the business and political elite gathered in Davos, Switzerland, this week for the first in-person World Economic Forum since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, global health concerns once again loomed ... Read More »

The 40 Best Blogs For Realtors

As a real estate professional, you know quite well that knowledge is power. The better informed you are, the better positioned you will be to take care of your clients, improve your productivity, and close more deals. One of the best sources of free real estate knowledge is blogs by the pros. In this article, we put together 40 of ... Read More »

30+ Top Real Estate Blogs to Follow in 2020

It can be difficult to keep tabs on the pulse of the real estate industry since it’s always changing. For the less experienced agent, the thought of having to keep up with market trends, real estate terms and sales strategies can feel daunting and overwhelming. Luckily, the real estate experts who know the ins and outs of the business have taken their ... Read More »

How To Write A Real Estate Blog People Want To Read

Real Estate Blogging – Making Your Mark If you do not have an online presence in today’s real estate market, you are not going to be as successful as you could be. As a real estate agent, having a blog is a big part of creating an online presence. But not all blogs are created equal. Some are much more ... Read More »

How to Write and Publish a Real Estate Blog Post in 20 Minutes

It’s important to know how to write a good real estate blog post — one that your audience finds informative and valuable and gets them to come back to your site frequently. The perceived problem for real estate agents lies in the fact that many think it takes hours and hours to produce blog content. But that’s just not the ... Read More »

29 Real Estate Blogs Every Realtor Should Read in 2021

Realtors, you know you can’t be good at your jobs if you’re not plugged into the industry. But you also can’t start a real estate business — or grow the one you have — if you’re stuck behind a computer spending hours each week reading. It’s important to get the industry news, trends, and marketing advice you need quickly, so you can get back ... Read More »

15 Can’t-Miss Real Estate Blog Content Ideas

A real estate blog is an important part of any comprehensive investor strategy. Still, many investors have a few remaining questions: How will they gather ideas to help them create content? What topics should they cover in their real estate blog content to ensure they reach the exact local audience they want to? One of the best real estate blogging tips around is ... Read More »

The Mark Twain House Is America’s Best House Museum

House museums are a mixed bag: maybe the house is beautiful, but its owner’s story, not so much, as at Monticello. Or, consider Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater: a more spectacular home would be hard to find, but it’s hard to imagine living in it. Hearst Castle is magnificent, but we don’t love William Randolph Hearst or his taste for decorative ... Read More »

Time Is Your Greatest Asset: Learn How To Use It Wisely | Ep16 With Student Guests

Money is the first thing, but time is the greatest asset. In this episode, Jeff Rutkowski and JD Esajian discuss using your time wisely in real estate investments. Discipline is crucial in using time and money to your advantage. For instance, if you let lesser things occupy your time, they will directly affect your finances and the growth of your ... Read More »

Tough times are ahead for India’s real estate sector

Patel, who has been a partner in KPMG’s real estate deal advisory practice for nearly half a decade, put forth a timeline of 12 to 18 months where India’s real estate economy is expected to struggle with Covid-19-induced circumstances. However, he differentiated between the residential and commercial real estate segments in India, highlighting the different position for each segment. “Residential ... Read More »