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Tough times are ahead for India’s real estate sector

Patel, who has been a partner in KPMG’s real estate deal advisory practice for nearly half a decade, put forth a timeline of 12 to 18 months where India’s real estate economy is expected to struggle with Covid-19-induced circumstances. However, he differentiated between the residential and commercial real estate segments in India, highlighting the different position for each segment. “Residential ... Read More »

Brother-sister duo from Jharkhand win internet with pure talent

Pure talent can win over even the hardest-to-please judges. And in the social media age we live in, the keyboard warriors are the judges who decide whether one has what it takes to win over the internet. TikTok is full of all sorts of content, some are funny, topical and others are so cringey that you wish the poster hadn’t ... Read More »

Resumption of construction activity allowed in non-Covid hotspots, but real estate to still face challenges

The government must ensure that raw materials are available without any hike in cost because a sudden demand may force suppliers to push cost. The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and phases of lockdown were unexpected. All industries and sectors were forced to halt operations, obey social distancing, improve sanitization at societies and disinfect surroundings. After lifting lockdown partially, many developers ... Read More »

How Embedded Real-Time Engagement Makes the Internet More Inclusive

We hear the word “inclusivity” thrown about quite a bit these days. Some would call it a buzzword, but inclusivity is important to consider given all the innovation we have seen in the past decade. From powerful smartphones to VR video games, technological capabilities keep moving ahead in leaps and bounds. However, factors like geographic location, disabilities and socioeconomic standing  ... Read More »

‘Donald Trump’s order may lead to stricter social media regulation in India’

Following the executive order issued by US President Donald Trump, which sets out to weaken the law protecting social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook in the US, Salman Waris, managing partner, TechLegis Advocates and Solicitors, shares his views on how it could affect India, which is yet to finalize the guidelines to govern social media platforms. Edited excerpts ... Read More »

Deadline for real estate projects extended by six months

In a major relief to real estate developers in the city, the Haryana real estate regulatory authority (H-Rera) on Tuesday extended the registration and completion dates of the real estate projects registered by the authority by six months. The decision was taken following an advisory issued by the union ministry of housing and urban affairs on May 13, regarding the ... Read More »

Internet-connected cars are first step towards autonomous driving: 5G to be backbone of connectivity

Connected cars are the way forward (Image for representational purposes only) Over the past century, innovation in the automotive industry has revolved around making cars faster, safer, more comfortable, easier to handle, or smoother to operate. Today, the evolution of technology in the automotive sector is augmented by the Internet of Things for connected everything and 5G as the connectivity ... Read More »

Demand for real estate to go up in post COVID-19 world: Manoj Gaur

The Coronavirus crisis has not only altered the way we live, think, work or even socialize with others around us, but has also impacted almost every industry around the world, including real estate. However, along with its negative impact, the pandemic has opened a new era of selling real estate which was being under-utilized till now. Also, as priorities of ... Read More »

Warburg Pincus to raise stake in Asian real estate fund manager ARA

US private equity firm Warburg Pincus is raising its stake in Asian real estate fund manager ARA Asset Management Ltd (ARA) to 48.7% from 30.7%, as it seeks to capitalise on rising investor interest in property funds, both firms said in a statement. “We look forward to leveraging our strong capital base to help the business become the largest real estate ... Read More »

High-tech calls for help: Understanding gadget limits

John was in trouble: The 84-year-old wound up on the floor after sliding out of a chair. While unhurt, John couldn’t get up. He lived alone and couldn’t reach his cellphone, house phone, or alert button; all were on a table next to his chair. After three long hours trying to inch across the floor, John remembered that his “smart” ... Read More »