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30+ Top Real Estate Blogs to Follow in 2020

It can be difficult to keep tabs on the pulse of the real estate industry since it’s always changing.

For the less experienced agent, the thought of having to keep up with market trends, real estate terms and sales strategies can feel daunting and overwhelming. Luckily, the real estate experts who know the ins and outs of the business have taken their talents online to share their experiences and insights through blogging.

We’ve searched the web to find 30 of the most insightful and informative real estate blogs on the web. Grab your digital bookmark and use this list as a resource to figure out which ones speak to you.

Not a real estate agent? No problem. There’s something on this list for everyone, so feel free to skip ahead using the links below:

For agents
For buyers and sellers
For investors
For property managers

30+ must-read real estate blogs

There’s no easier way to stay current with real estate trends than by learning from the people who shape the industry and live it each day. Every blog you’ll find on this list delivers content that’s easy-to-read and informative. As an added bonus, keep an eye out for the blogs that have email newsletters available to their readers – they’re marked separately.

Blogs for real estate agents

Real estate agents and brokers are at the very center of the real estate industry. The blogs listed below are geared toward helping these real estate professionals do their jobs better and more efficiently.

Keller Williams

The Keller Williams blog covers a broad variety of topics relevant to real estate agents. They touch on everything from leads and listings to technology and marketing.

*Keller Williams readers have the option to subscribe to their email newsletter for free.

Realtor Magazine

Realtor Magazine is a magazine created by the National Association of Realtors. Although readers are able to subscribe for paper copies of it, the digital version is just as valuable. The magazine covers news headlines, agent resources, and even law and ethics in real estate.

*Realtor Magazine has not one, but three daily newsletters available for readers.


Inman is well known as being a trusted source for real estate news. They publish daily content centered around industry happenings, as well as helpful guides on growing your business. For agents looking to stay in the know, Inman is a must-read.

*Inman offers a paid e-newsletter subscription for readers.


Data is the name of the game over at the Redfin blog. Their content highlights original research conducted by the team over at Redfin about real estate news, trends and insights. If you’re an agent looking for data and numbers that are packaged neatly into charts and graphs, you’ve met your match.

*Redfin offers a free email newsletter to readers.


The GeekEstate blog is the spot for all things real estate technology. In addition to reporting on real estate tech trends and news, the GeekEstate blog also features interviews with big names in the industry.

*GeekEstate readers can subscribe to receive their e-newsletter on a daily or weekly basis.


RISMedia has been around in the real estate world since the 1980’s. On their website, you’ll find articles spanning just about every topic that’s relevant to a real estate agent. In addition to quality blog content, RISMedia publishes report roundups every so often. One of their most popular reports is their annual Power Broker Report & Survey, which ranks the top brokerages in the United States.

*RISMedia has a daily e-newsletter available to subscribers for free.

Keeping Current Matters

Although some of the content on the Keeping Current Matters blog is available only through a paid subscription, there are plenty of free resources for agents. On this blog, you’ll find information on nurturing real estate leads, running an open house, and social media marketing.

Easy Agent Pro

The Easy Agent Pro blog is geared toward marketing and personal branding for real estate professionals. Readers will find articles on SEO, lead generation, and tips for creating a strong website.

*Easy Agent Pro blog readers can sign up to receive free marketing tips to their inbox twice a week.


The HousingWire blog is unique in that its focus is on housing and mortgage lending news. While these articles might not be the most fun to read, the information is valuable to any real estate professional looking to stay in the know.

*HousingWire has several different e-newsletters available. Readers can choose which ones interest them the most.

Real Estate Express

The Real Estate Express is an online real estate school for aspiring agents. Although their blog won’t help you pass your state licensing exam, it provides valuable advice for current and future real estate agents looking to kick start their business.

The Close

The Close is a website for real estate agents and brokerages that offers actionable insights and strategy from other industry professionals. Their blog covers topics related to real estate tech, lead generation and even team building.

*Readers can subscribe to The Close by submitting their first name and email address when prompted.

REAL Trends

Since 1987, the REAL Trends website has been a trusted source for real estate news and trends. On their blog, they cover all things real estate including marketing, leadership, and business. Additionally, they publish in-depth analytics reports and research studies.

*By providing an email, REAL Trends readers can sign up for their email newsletter.


REthority is a new site launched in early 2019 aimed at both homeowners and buyers, as well as real estate professionals and property managers. You can find information from how to research financing options for a new home, to lead generation and marketing tips for investors and realtors.

Blogs for real estate buyers and sellers

The process of buying or selling a home is anything but easy. For blogs that are most relevant to individuals ready to buy a home or sell their existing property, keep reading.


Trulia is a popular destination for buyers, sellers and renters looking for local listings. Their blog is an equally valuable resource that provides readers with helpful moving and home improvement guides, along with detailed neighborhood trends and statistics.

Zillow Porchlight

In the real estate world, Zillow is a household name. Their blog, Zillow Porchlight, covers topics across the board in terms of residential real estate, including fun topics like celebrity real estate and unique homes.


The RE/MAX blog is a comprehensive resource for buyers and sellers. You can find tips and advice related to home improvement, staging, and even lawn care on this blog.

Century 21

Next on the list is the Century 21 blog which is run by Century 21, a popular real estate company. Their content is unique in that it takes a lifestyle approach to real estate including topics such as home decor, DIY, and a section for luxury properties.

Sotheby’s International Realty

The Extraordinary Living blog by Sotheby’s International Realty focuses on luxury real estate. The blog highlights spectacular homes across the globe and includes a weekly round up of trending new headlines in luxury real estate. Whether you’re a serious buyer or just browsing, you’ll find all the glitz and glam you were looking for on this blog.


Curbed isn’t solely focused on real estate from a buying/selling perspective, but it still deserves a spot on this list for covering such a wide range of topics. On this blog, you’ll definitely find quality real estate content but also see topics such as interior design, home technology and architecture. As a plus, you can filter the content by city to get a glimpse at the market in that location.

The blog covers a comprehensive list of real estate topics and is incredibly user-friendly. Readers will find advice on financing and improving curb appeal. Additionally, the blog has a segment that focuses specifically on celebrity real estate. If you want to see how your favorite star decorates their home, this is your destination.


Realest is an advice blog for buyers, sellers, renters and homeowners. On this blog, you’ll find guidance on just about any issue or problem that could arise during the process of buying or selling a home.

Blue Matter by Coldwell Banker

The Coldwell Banker blog covers topics such as luxury real estate, home organization and tips for first-time home buyers.

Blogs for real estate investors

If investing in real estate was easy, everyone would do it. Below, you’ll find a list of real estate blogs that are focused on providing investors with the right information to make decisions.


BiggerPockets is an all-in-one resource library for real estate investors. Their blog covers all aspects of investing in real estate from house flipping to financing. Whether you’re a newbie investor looking for guidance or a seasoned veteran, there’s something here for everyone.

*BiggerPockets puts out a free weekly newsletter. Readers must register to sign up for it.


For investors interested specifically in residential property, the Mashvisor blog is the place for you. They cover all topics related to residential investing including market trends, property management and legal matters. They even have a tool where you can enter the location you’re looking at for a potential investment, and it will spit out lucrative properties in the area.


Since we included a blog for residential investors, it would only make sense to also include a resource for investors interested in the commercial sector. The LoopNet blog covers topics spanning across all sectors of commercial real estate including retail, industrial and multi-family.


The InvestFourMore blog is run by longtime real estate agent and investor, Mark Ferguson. In his blog, Mark writes about his experience flipping houses and generating income from long-term rentals. For readers looking to hear directly from an experienced pro, this blog is a great place to start.


REtipster is a comprehensive resource hub for every type of real estate investor. Their blog includes helpful tools like a digital cap rate calculator and articles covering topics like personal finance and land investing.

*Readers can sign up for REtipster’s e-newsletter by submitting their email address when prompted.

CRE Online

CRE Online has been a popular resource for real estate investors since the 1990s. Their blog covers topics such as mitigating investment risk and strategies for investing with no money down.

*Want this information delivered straight to your inbox? Readers can sign up for the CRE Online newsletter.

Blogs for property managers

Every good rental property has a quality property management team behind it. Check out this roundup of blog resources specifically for property managers.


The AppFolio blog is a comprehensive resource hub for all things property management. You can find articles related to technology, risk mitigation, and even a dictionary of important leasing terms to now.

*AppFolio readers can sign up to get articles and other educational material via email, for free.


The Buildium blog is split up into three sections: one for running your business, the second for managing your tenants and the third for industry intel. It’s incredibly simple to navigate and find exactly what it is you’re looking for. Their articles cover topics ranging from accounting to resident management and industry trends.

Property Management Insider by RealPage

With a name like Property Management Insider, you probably have a good idea of what this blog is all about. Brought to you by the team at RealPage, this blog covers all things property management. The content is a mix of industry news combined with marketing tips and property law.

Landlordology by Cozy

Created by Cozy, the Landlordology is a blog geared toward independent landlords and property managers. Blog topics include tips for screening rental applicants and beginner’s guides to state rental laws.

Not all blogs are created equal

Blogs can be a valuable resource for real estate professionals, investors and clients. Whether you need business advice, want to keep up with market trends or just enjoy looking at luxury homes, there’s a blog on this list for everyone. So, which one is your favorite?