Sunday , 19 August 2018
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Google Pixel C tablet makes it to the UK, yours from £399

  After having become available to purchase in the US yesterday, Google’s Pixel C tablet is now also up for grabs in the UK. As is always the case with these things, the pricing is different across the pond. In the UK, the 32GB version of the tablet can be yours for £399, while the 64GB model goes for £479. ... Read More »

Apple Holiday Smartphone And Tablet Deals: iPhone 6s/6s Plus $100 Off, iPad Air 2 $125 Off Sale At Best Buy

Just in time for the holidays, Best Buy has announced discounts on many popular Apple products. Customers can pick up an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6 or 6 Plus for $100 off their normal prices; the price of the iPad Air 2 has been cut by $125 and the iPad Air and iPad mini 4 are available for $100 off. ... Read More »

Red Unveils The Scarlet-W And Scarlet-W Monochrome, Offering 5K Cinema Quality At An Affordable Price

Shooting video in 5K RAW video and/or 2K ProRes can be a pretty expensive undertaking, however, thankfully, Red just made it cheaper. The company has announced the new $9,950 Scarlet-W and Scarlet-W Monochrome, two cameras that are able to shoot in 5K RAW and 2K ProRes using the Dragon sensor found in other Red cameras. The cameras can also handle ... Read More »

Researchers Have Developed Socks That Generate Electricity Using Urine

What were we thinking getting rid of our urine all those years, when we could be using it to power electric socks? A team of researchers from the University of West England has developed a pair of socks that use urine to generate electricity. The new socks are able to store as much as 648 milliliters of urine, almost 22 ... Read More »

DJI And FLIR Are Creating A Thermal Imaging Camera For Drones

Popular drone manufacturer DJI has announced a partnership withFLIR Systems to build a thermal imaging camera for drones. The camera will be built for the Inspire1 and Matrice 100 drone series’, and will be very helpful for things like measuring ahome’s thermal efficiency and spotting fires. DJI has fast become the most-used drone company for people like cinematographers, who are looking for new ways to ... Read More »

Remember The $3.5M Zano Drone Failure? Kickstarter Wants An Investigative Report On The Matter

Kickstarter hired Mark Harris, a professional journalist, to investigate the $3.5-million crowdfunding flop that was the palm-sized Zano drone. Shortly after the Zano project achieved the ambitious sum of $3.5 million through its Kickstarter campaign, its manufacturer Torquing Group let everyone know that it was closing. The company managed to deliver only 600 of the 15,363 paid-for units. The crowdfunding ... Read More »

Samsung Gear VR Hits Canada In Limited Quantities, Already On Backorder: Where To Buy

The affordable Gear VR HMD, which works with the latest generation of Galaxy handsets, is the result of a joint effort from Samsung and Oculus. After launching in the U.S. a little while back, the headset finally reached Canadian stores as well. Last month, the device entered stores in the United States, but technology enthusiasts from Canada had to sit ... Read More »

Christmas Wish List For iDevice Lovers: Apple iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple Watch And MacBook

Apple fans have no shortage of options to choose from if they are thinking of buying an iDevice for the holidays. Here are some Apple devices and deals where you can purchase them. iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus (Photo : Apple) The iPhone 6s, along with its larger counterpart the iPhone 6s Plus, has taken the smartphone market by storm. ... Read More »

This Company Turns Recycled Potato Chip Bags Into 3D Printing Filament

While many view 3D printing as the future of fabrication, the technique uses a lot of plastic. One company, however, is trying to cut down on just how much plastic it uses. The company is called 3D Brooklyn, and it is a small studio that uses materials like potato chip bags, which can’t really be recycled in the traditional way. ... Read More »

The Sunnyclist Is Powered By Three Different Energy Sources

While electric cars save on gas, they still use energy that may not be totally environmentally friendly. An Indiegogo campaign, however, has been started for Sunnyclist, a tricycle-golf cart mixture that has a solar panel on the roof, then harnesses that solar energy and stores it in the battery. Of course, sometimes the sun disappears for a while, and while ... Read More »