Wednesday , 29 January 2020
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Read “Uninvested” to Take Control Back From Wall Street

I feel like I should start this book review with one of those “This is intended for mature audiences” warnings. Depending on your involvement in the financial industry, you might be disgusted. You might be insulted. You might even be dubious. Personally, I was left with this attitude of “Sure, just one more thing to be disillusioned about. “ “Uninvested” ... Read More »

How to Get Over a Back Injury

Injuring your back is right up there with teeth and ears as one of the most painful and debilitating injuries that you can sustain. The back gets put through an awful lot of strain in your day to day life and whether it is a result of something as simple like picking up your child or as a result of ... Read More »

Why You’re Never Too Old To Go Back to School

There are more educational institutes than ever before who are offering courses for all ages and there has never been a better time to learn a new skill or subject. Maybe your career didn’t work out how you wanted it to, perhaps you didn’t get the sports car, the huge paycheck or one of the grand homes that you were ... Read More »

Mohammed Shami hits back at social media trolls for wife’s photo

Mohammed Shami had come under criticism on social media for anti-Islamic behaviour. (Source: Facebook) Mohammed Shami became the latest victim of social media trolls and this is not for his display on the field of play or anything to do with his bowling as the seamer recovers from injury. But he came under the ire of social media trolls for posting ... Read More »

Blu Adopts Google OTA Software After Chinese Back Door Controversy

HIGHLIGHTS Blu has ended ties with OTA firm Adups All future smartphones will come with Google OTA Software CEO confirms no Blu phone has this problem now Smartphone company Blu came under the radar after its Blu R1 HD was found to transmit personally identifiable information (PII) to servers in China via a back door. Blu was fast to react ... Read More »

Hello Moto: A Look Back at 6 Classic Motorola Phones

HIGHLIGHTS Motorola was the first company to ship a cellphone Its biggest hit was the Moto RAZR V3 Today, Motorola is a part of Chinese electronics giant Lenovo Recently, we relived the past with Nokia’s most memorable phones of all time. Although there may be a lot of fanboys and fangirls of the Finnish brand, many have equally strong feelings ... Read More »

Chinese Firm Installed Back Door on Thousands of Smartphones; Says It Was a Mistake

Chinese Firm Installed Back Door on Thousands of Smartphones; Says It Was a Mistake HIGHLIGHTS The personal data was collected via a back door software made by AdUps The software was installed on all Blu R1 HD phones AdUps also manages software updates for Huawei and ZTE A security firm claims it has found mobile phone firmware on smartphones being ... Read More »

LinkedIn Wants to Help You Look for a Job Behind Your Boss’s Back

LinkedIn has long been a way to promote your resume to other companies or recruiters without hanging out a “for hire” sign that your boss can see. Now it’s launching a way to let recruiters know you’re open to considering other jobs – and do so privately, the company says. On Thursday, the professional social network announced a new feature ... Read More »

Jeep Hackers Back at Black Hat With New and Scarier Method

A pair of well-known hackers has found another way to take control of a Jeep Cherokee – this time while it’s moving at high speed. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek grabbed headlines last year by showing how they could kill a Jeep Cherokee’s engine while it was traveling down a highway. The news prompted an embarrassing recall of 1.4 million ... Read More »

5 Hacks for Mission Impossible: Bring Back Your Facebook Organic Reach

Ladies and gentlemen. We come together today to once again mourn the loss of Facebook organic reach, to share the grief all of us marketers feel. And perhaps, in that sharing, we can find the strength to look toward the future with some hope. Facebook Organic Reach Takes a Big Hit Yes, organic reach on Facebook is abysmal and getting ... Read More »