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SkySlope Lets Real Estate Brokers Manage Business Online

Real estate has always been one of America’s most lively industries. Every year, some two million licensed agents and 86,000 brokerage firms work day and night to move billions of dollars worth of commercial and residential properties. Bearing that in mind, it’s not difficult to imagine why so many young professionals flock to join the industry. But it takes a lot of hard ... Read More »

PowerBlog Review: Southern California Real Estate Blog

Editor’s note: This is the thirty-fifth in our regular weekly series of PowerBlog Reviews of other weblogs… One of the more interesting developments in the blogosphere is the number of fine niche-topic blogs. The Southern California Real Estate Blog is one of them. The Southern California Real Estate Blog is an excellent information source about real estate, including prices and ... Read More »

Real Estate Agents Hire Assistants

Here is an interesting trend:  real estate agents in the United States are hiring assistants. These assistants — often unlicensed — handle paperwork, update web listings, attend home inspections, and do other routine tasks.  This allows licensed real estate agents to increase the number of listings they can handle at one time and close more sales…driving their income up. Twenty per cent of realtors are ... Read More »

Internet Plays Key Role in Real Estate Industry

The Internet increasingly plays a key role in the real estate sales industry, and this trend is expected to grow. According to a recent article by real estate professional John Mudd, more and more homebuyers are using the Internet in some portion of their buying process, either to locate property for sale or to educate themselves. By the same token, ... Read More »

PowerBlog Review: Inside Real Estate Journal

Editor’s note: This is the thirteenth in our popular weekly series of PowerBlog Reviews of other weblogs… Inside Real Estate Journal is published by John Mudd. John is a realtor located in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. He also goes by the name “Mr. Real Estate.” As his blog’s name suggests, he publishes a real estate blog. OK, so you ... Read More »

Zillow and Changes to the Real Estate Industry

Real estate site launched last week. Some are predicting that is going to hurt realtors. But wipe away those tears, realtors. is not going to have as big a negative impact on realtors as predicted. is a website where you can go to find an instant online valuation of over 60 million homes in the United ... Read More »

Is Bigger Better? Office Politics and Working Real Estate Space

“What are you doing in Frank’s office,” I ask Bob who is staring at the overhead light fixture. Startled, he quickly looks down. I continue to tease him, “What is this? A meditation room? What are you doing?” Bob mumbles, “Counting.” “Counting what?” I ask. Bob takes a second, takes a breath and confesses, “ceiling tiles.” It takes me almost ... Read More »

4 Ways Real Estate Agents Fail at Social Media

Everyone has been told to jump into social because it is so good for their business. I know for a fact that Realtors hear it all the time. Sadly, many people don’t really know how to use social effectively and they don’t understand what drives different social platforms. The people I see wasting their time, and money, the most on ... Read More »

Real Estate Agents Stay Up to Speed with Keeping Current Matters

Keeping Current Matters (KCM) is an eight-year-old company, based in New York, that provides educational content for real estate agents, to keep them informed on current housing trends. In return for a monthly fee of $19.95, KCM researches the market and compiles relevant information into concise 30-minute presentations that agents can use to educate both themselves and their clients. The ... Read More »

Link Building Lessons from the Real Estate Industry

Are links doing more harm than good? With the rules for link building constantly changing, it can be hard to know what’s a smart link building strategy and what will land you in hot water with Google. Last year, Google’s webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, surprised the SEO world with his pronouncement that link building, once considered essential to SEO, ... Read More »