Monday , 26 June 2017
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On 1 December, nature decided to drop 30cm of rain in a 24-hour period over Chennai. It was the heaviest downpour Chennai experienced in a century, and the city and its people were haplessly unprepared for the record deluge.   I live close to a suburb that has the Tamil word for lake (Eri) in its name, so flooding is ... Read More »

Shaming runs risk of amplification on social media

Imagine you got caught doing something bad. Worse still, imagine someone caught your transgression on film and then posted it online – ouch. Even worse, imagine that this unflattering footage went viral – four million views and counting. Shame. Now, whenever anyone googles your name this footage will be at the top of the search pile, an indelible digital reminder ... Read More »

One needs to be quite thick-skinned on the social media: Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan today said twiteratti and other social media users should be thick-skinned and shouldn’t be complaining and defining limits of what is good or bad opinion. “You need to be thick-skinned on Twitter and other social media platforms. You shouldn’t be complaining about the differing opinions through the social media. You cannot define the limits of ... Read More »

Social media: when death doesn’t mean out of range

The advent of memorialised accounts a couple of years ago prompted US writer and cartoonist Randall Munroe to crunch some numbers. Based on a few assumptions, he concluded that by 2065 the Facebook dead would outnumber the living. Digital technologies are transforming individual experiences of death. Photo: AP Imagine this: It’s 2025 and Sarah, having just completed high school, heads ... Read More »

Twitter Seeks New CEO, and More Users, as Costolo Exits

Some things can’t be summed up in 140 characters. Twitter Inc’s announcement that Dick Costolo would exit as CEO on July 1 was long on plaudits but offered few clues on how the company will tackle its biggest problem: user growth. Twitter’ shares were down 0.6 percent in early afternoon trading on Friday, after rising much as 3.9 percent just ... Read More »

With CEO Shakeup, Twitter Under Pressure to Please Advertisers

Twitter Inc’s next chief executive officer faces a crucial challenge as the company seeks to appease Wall Street after this week’s management shakeup – helping disaffected advertisers connect with users. And many advertisers, analysts and investors say Twitter already has the right person for the job: not interim CEO Jack Dorsey but Adam Bain, the company’s president and head of ... Read More »

Iranian Diplomacy Logs on to Banned Social Media

They are among the world’s most popular websites and are vital diplomatic channels for Iranian officials involved in the nuclear talks. Yet Twitter, Facebook and YouTube remain banned in Iran. While Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif leads the way on social media his Twitter account has “Verified” blue tick status he is far from alone in seeing its benefits. Aides ... Read More »

Could Twitter Stop the Next Terrorist Attack?

Social media giants including Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and Google are pushing back against Senate legislation that would require them to alert federal authorities of any terrorist activity, according to industry and government officials. In private meetings on Capitol Hill, industry officials have told lawmakers and congressional staff that they already ban grisly content like beheadings and alert law enforcement if ... Read More »

Being Frank Not Enough, Twitter Needs to Act

Twitter Inc interim CEO Jack Dorsey’s harsh criticism of the company’s efforts to woo new users may just be the first step to addressing its long-standing problems. But being frank is not enough, particularly for a social media company struggling to sign up subscribers. Twitter needs to act fast – simplify its core product and organise news feeds better, analysts ... Read More »

Ultra-Local ‘Facebook’ Turning City Neighbours Into Friends

Perched on makeshift seats next to a buffet with fresh fruit, elderflower cordial and homemade muffins, neighbours laugh and chat on a leafy patch amid modern apartment blocks in Vienna’s 15th district. The motley gathering includes a social worker who recently retrained as a language teacher, an actress in her mid-thirties, as well as a Shiatsu teacher and her 12-year-old ... Read More »