Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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10 Essentials for a Long Motorcycle Road Trip

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A long road trip on a motorcycle is indeed a thrilling experience. However, there are numerous aspects to take into consideration and important items that need to be packed.

To help you plan a safe and enjoyable trip, the following is a checklist of 10 essentials that you need to carry along.

  1. A spare pair of gloves

Riding gloves offer improved grip and control. It also provides comfort and protection to your skin. Gloves come with a certain type of cushioning that helps in absorbing shock from the road, which would otherwise be transferred to the rider. It is, therefore,advisable to invest in a good pair of riding gloves. You may carry a spare in case your gloves get soaked in the rain or dampen due to your sweat.

  1. A physical map

With the advent of technology, one would assume that mobile applications will provide the necessary directions. However, chances of getting stranded are high in case of poor network connection. Thus, you may buy a physical map to guide you along the road. Certain maps are exclusively designed for motorcyclists. These maps not only provide directions but alsoshow some of the best places to stop along the route.

  1. Bluetooth headset

A Bluetooth headset may prove to be quite handy during your trip. While traveling with a group of fellow travelers, you may want to occasionally converse with them regarding stops to make during the route. You may attach the Bluetooth headset to your helmet for greater flexibility and convenience.

  1. Ear plugs

An essential item to carry for your road trip is earplugs. They reduce the overall sound pressure, thereby ensuring that your ears operate in a natural range. You may buy good quality disposable foam earplugs before hitting the road.

  1. Tool kit

Though you may service your motorcycle before the trip, chances are that your two-wheeler may face minor issues, which may leave you stranded. In such cases, carrying a toolkit would be handy. Ensure to include a fold-up Allen wrench, screwdriver, multipurpose pocket knife, pliers, adjustable wrench, and other basic tools in your kit.

  1. Portable charger

While using your smartphone for navigation or for clicking pictures, the battery may soon die. Carrying a portable charger is indispensable to ensure that your phone does not switch off at the time you need it the most.

  1. Sufficient amount of cash

There are certain remote or interior places that do not accept card payments. Hence, you may carry an adequate amount of cash to cover basic costs towards petrol, food, or accommodation. You may split the cash and keep some amount with you and some in your luggage. However, carrying a large sum of cash is not advisable. Instead, you may make card withdrawals along the way.

  1. Luggage system

You may invest in a high-quality saddle bag that will withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Opt for a hard shell bag as it not only increases the luggage carrying capacity but also distributes the luggage weight evenly. You may strap your luggage system to the rear of the motorcycle.

  1. First aid kit

One of the most important items to carry for your long motorcycle road trip is a first aid kit. It acts as a savior in case of minor bruises or any minor medical issue. Carrying a first aid kit saves you the trouble of having to search for a nearby pharmacy.

  1. Essential documents

While riding a motorcycle, it is mandatory to carry all the necessary documents. You may carry your license, Pollution Under Control (PUC) card, and Registration Certificate (RC), besides others. Also, check if your two-wheeler insurance policy is active. According to Motor Vehicles Act, it is compulsory to have a third party insurance policy for your motorcycle. An insurance policy provides coverage for any untoward incident along the trip, such as an accident or a medical emergency.

Riding through the picturesque terrains is indeed a wonderful experience. However,you must bewell-prepared to hit the road. You may take the aforementioned checklist into consideration and have a stress-free road trip.