Thursday , 21 January 2021
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3 Essentials to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Event

Planning a large outdoor event is a massive undertaking. There are a few essential planning points to remember for things to come together smoothly.

1. The Venue

Choosing the perfect location is a crucial foundation for any outdoor event. Some locations will have performance, dining, or restroom structures in place while others may need to have clear span fabric structures and portable toilets brought in. Make sure you assess what the venue has to offer and plan accordingly.

2. The Rules

Check into any local ordinances that may affect the event. Some cities have noise laws that would restrict the times that certain events can be held. It is wise to make sure that any health and safety regulations are noted and maintained.

Any permits required need to be obtained before planning goes too far. If a city will not agree to the terms needed or refuses to grant the necessary permits, a new location will need to be arranged.

3. The Food

If an event requires that food be served, such as a wedding, meet with the catering company regularly to ensure that everything they need to have on site will be available. If food will not be served but you still want it available, have a selection of food that can be bought or bring in a few local food trucks to spice things up.

If your attendees will primarily be adults and alcohol will be available for purchase, set strict guidelines on how it will be distributed and what the limit is. Whether alcohol is made available to purchase or served with a voucher system, be sure to acquire a liquor license and follow all city regulations.

Outdoor events are a lot of fun and often draw large crowds. They are great for families or anyone just looking to have a great time. If you stay organized and prepared, your next event will be amazing.