Friday , 3 February 2023
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Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin Plans To Start A Smartphone Company

Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin, the co-founder of the popular operating system Android, is looking to create his own line of smartphones, according to a new report.

Per the publication The Information, Rubin has been making efforts to raise funds to begin a hardware company that will manufacture smartphones. The report reveals that Rubin has tried to recruit people who can help him develop the new venture.

Rubin could potentially be looking to get back to the Android smartphone space and his investment firm Playground Fund could play a pivotal role in raising funds.

“People in the mobile industry say Mr. Rubin has tried to recruit personnel to help build a new phone company, likely through Playground Fund, his vehicle for investing in start-ups. Playground has raised about $300 million,” notes The Information.

It is not clear whether Rubin plans to spearhead the smartphone company or if he’ll merely be involved in its funding. Irrespective of Rubin’s future position, his immense experience with Android would come in handy when flagging off a new hardware company.

Rubin left Google in late 2014 and later went on to begin his new venture Playground Fund, which would aid fund start-ups.

Since the smartphone space is flooded with OEMs, one can question if creating a new smartphone company is a viable move. The smartphone space seems to have reached a plateau and perhaps with the involvement of the father of Android himself, the market could get a fresh lease of life.

Since Rubin has been away from the mobile phone business, he might be able to have more perspective and, therefore, be able to come up with innovative ideas. On the flip side, Rubin would be carving an identity for his smartphone company from scratch, and he’d have to figure out ways to stand out from rivals.

The news, however, is unconfirmed and should be taken with a pinch of salt.