Wednesday , 24 July 2019
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How to Attract Marc J Leder’s Eye

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Let’s say you run your own business. You have built it from scratch and it is your precious baby. Unfortunately, your baby is sick and you are desperately looking for a doctor. One of the most sensible ways to save your baby is to call Marc J Leder, the co-founder of Sun Capital Partners Inc. Together with his business partner Rodger Krouse, Sun Capital Partners Inc. is a global equity firm specializing in company buy outs. The two Wharton School graduates derive immense satisfaction from nursing struggling companies back to health. Since the firm’s establishment in 1995, Sun Capital Partners Inc. has invested in over 330 companies from all over the world, spread out over a wide range of industries.

Company Culture is Key                                                   

If your company has a great corporate culture, Marc J Leder would like to get to know you and your company better. This is because Marc J Leder believes company culture is an excellent predictor of performance over time. Indeed, Sun Capital Partners Inc. has actually done numerous research studies that all have the same conclusion: a lot of information can be extracted from observing and analyzing company culture. Marc J Leder himself has said, “We invest in formalized culture studies for each portfolio company, and then we work with management to improve the culture.” He insists that this policy is not simply theoretical. Indeed, Sun Capital Partners Inc. zooms in on four important criteria: adaptability, mission, involvement and consistency. If a target company possesses high marks for all these four attributes, chances are you have raised Marc J Leder’s interest.

Ask Yourself These Three Questions

Before committing to helping any companies, Marc J Leder also grades a potential target by three criteria. Any business owners should answer these questions honestly and objectively:

1). Would Sun Capital Partners Inc. be able to make a difference to your company?

Marc J Leder said every company in the portfolio of Sun Capital Partners Inc. has benefited from its operational and human resources expertise, so it would tremendously help if your company’s management have an open mind and flexible attitude

2). Does your company already have a management team that is willing to cooperate with Sun Capital Partners Inc.?

After all, your company’s management team is the expert of the ins and outs of the company, and this knowledge and experience would help Sun Capital Partners Inc. turn things around. Sun Capital Partners Inc. is not interested in playing dictator, it prefers to be an advisor.

3). Is your company a market leader with a loyal customer base?

Marc J Leder said that many great companies actually struggle due to internal problems even though from the outside, it looks like it is doing great. Being a market leader and having loyal customers would help nurse your company back to health because those two criteria make a very strong company foundation. Sun Capital Partners Inc. would just have to tweak a few things to get your company back on the right path.