Monday , 21 January 2019
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Audio Books or Traditional Books?

An In-Depth Comparison

The Advancement of Technology

Technology continues to advance in the twenty-first century at an astonishing rate, allowing for traditional hobbies to change drastically in how we enjoy ourselves when reading something as simple as a book. With our mobile devices and tablets more important in our daily lives than ever before, developers are making it extremely easy to read your favorite audio books whenever you would like. This does not bode well for traditional book readers, as in the distant future it could be possible that libraries could start shutting down if there is no genuine need for physical copies of books.

Audio Books vs. Traditional Books

As new generations become interested in reading books, they find themselves with an opportunity to approach it in a different way than previous generations. With audio books, there is a new potential for people to become interested in reading or listening to text from their favorite authors. It is now also possible to listen to audio books on a mobile device while driving on a long trip, while it would be extremely dangerous if someone tried to read a physical book and drive.

There are obvious benefits for either style of book, but it seems that having the ability to listen to audio books provides a unique advantage. Here is a short list of advantages for an audio book in comparison to a traditional book.

  • Very Convenient
  • Multi-Tasking (Ex: Listen while Driving)
  • Personal Connection to Author
  • Listen Digitally on almost ANY device/tablet

The Future of Audio Books

The future for digital audio books seems to be extremely bright, considering that more people have a mobile phone or tablet in their possession than ever before. There are many digital websites that offer audio books for cheap prices, in many cases cheaper than the traditional copy would cost, especially when you factor in shipping and handling when ordering online. If you search online, you can often find discounts for many of the popular services. Audible coupon codes can save you some money.

There is a great possibility that audio books will become a powerful tool to motivate kids in school to read books, or perhaps listen to these stories in audio form. It can often times be more appealing to allow kids to listen to books rather than forcing them to read a physical copy. Audio books can also be a great tool for kids that struggle with their vision.

Extra Information

Audio books and physical reading actually trigger different parts of your brain, triggering different perceptions and a totally different experience. When absorbing the inner workings of a story, the way our brain receives audio and translates it into a form that we can understand is significantly different than how our brain understands the words we read in a physical copy of a book.

Convenience is probably the most important factor when deciding between listening or reading a book, but there are actually some benefits to people with disabilities in regards to audio books. People that suffer from dyslexia have a greater experience when listening to an audio book, rather than reading it. This is one major benefit that makes an audio book incredibly valuable to some people.

The future of audio books will likely continue to evolve and become more integrated in our society. Hopefully audio books can find a way to establish themselves in our life without having to destroy the world of traditional books, and the libraries that collect them.