Friday , 22 June 2018
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How to choose best electric crepe maker?

What do you eat for breakfast? Omelette, cereal, milk or toasts, so is this your morning breakfast? Why don’t you try something new, try crepes? It’s a quick and simple recipe that you can make when you are in a hurry. Give your breakfast a flavor of Paris but to do that you will need best electric crepe maker. With the right equipment and right recipe, your family can enjoy the delicious crepes in the morning.

You will see various Crepe makers in a market but to make the perfect one, you need the best one. So, what is the best- gas or electric? Crepe maker comes with pans and accessories and to pick the best one few factors need to be considered. What are they? To know it, read further.

Which is better Gas or electric?

Gas and electric versions of makers are available in the market. It means you have two options and one is surely the best. Both have some benefits. The former one is neither portable nor energy efficient whereas the later one has these advantages.

So, now you know your preference, let’s consider the factor to get best electric crepe maker.

Standard or heavy duty

The maker comes in two versions- standard and heavy duty. Carefully consider which one you want to buy. If you look from the point of your budget, then former one is attractive. It gaps the bridge between commercial and domestic griddle range of makers. It is the good backup option and for temporary usage. It is the good option for events and small parties.

The later one is right for daily use. It has robust design and structure that is good for regular use. The standard one is not robust, and thus if you use it on a daily basis, it will break down.  So pick according to your usage.

Power and size

Size is the next factor of choice to get electric crepe maker. Choose the size of electrical setup. The bigger it is, the more it requires power. So, size and power contrast to each other. It again depends on your need, so choose it wisely. Choose one that saves power and needs fewer repairmen after working for years.

Square or round frame

In the gas crepe makers, both frames have same functionality and performance. But both are expensive at the same time. Square frame makers are handy and easy to maintain. They look stylish and are easy to clean as well. Thus they give an aesthetic look.  They are the ideal design for an open kitchen. It fit perfectly in the kitchen and occupies less space. Single or double pan are further two options available in it.

The round crepe maker needs space, so if your kitchen has enough space for it, choose it.

Single or double

Whether you need single or double crepe makers again, it depends on your purpose of use. If you are arranging a party at home, double one is good. You can make two crepes at the same time. It will thus save your time, and your guest will not have to wait for long. The double one has the rectangular frame. It will require more space in the kitchen to fit with your other kitchen equipment.

The single pan option is right for your small family, and it will need less space. Both the machines will require repair or maintenance. The need for early repair will arise if you don’t use it correctly or use it excessively. So carefully use the machine.

Consider these factors to buy best electric crepe maker. So, now you will learn what accessory you will need along with it.

  1. A batter spreader, to spread the batter evenly on the pan and to make thin crepes
  2. A spatula, to turn and fold the crepes easily

Now, you have the device, a batter spreader, and a spatula. What else you need is the crepe mix; you will get it easily in the store. Buy the readymade mix or else you can see the videos to make the mix at home. Be ready with the ingredients to start making the delicious crepes for morning breakfast. But if you want to learn a quick recipe using crepe maker, here are few points.

How to use crepe maker?

This recipe from Paris needs perfection. It should be made in right thickness and cooked for perfect time so that you can enjoy the flavor of Paris at home. Your crepes should be round in shape but if you cannot make a perfect round, don’t worry.  It should be delicious so focus on cooking time and batter. To make perfect and round crepes, you should know few steps.

Steps 1– wipe the surface with a cloth to remove any dust from the surface of a device. Spray butter on the surface. Plug in the machine to the outlet and let it pre-heat. Once it heats up, a light will turn on to indicate that the device is ready.

Step 2- mix the batter in a bowl and make a thin batter. Pour butter into the pan and pour some crepe mixture.

Step 3- let it cook for few seconds. Turn it once you see a golden color on the crepe. Let the other side change the color too. Take it out with a spatula on the plate and serve the hot and yummy crepe to your kids.

Note – if necessary apply some butter. But don’t put the excess of it otherwise it will taste buttery.

Follow the above steps to make yummy crepes.  You might have eaten crepes at restaurants, but the one that you will cook at home will have different taste. It is because you will add the extra ingredient and that is love. To serve your family the delicious crepes, you need best electric crepe maker. And now with this guide, you can buy one for your kitchen. So, go and get the machine but don’t forget to keep these factors in mind so that you can enjoy crepes for long. Hope that you understand everything that we have mentioned and feel ease while buying a crepe maker for your home.