Wednesday , 17 August 2022
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Cyware: What Is the Role of Cyber Situational Awareness

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In modern dialect, the phrase Cyber Swan refers to a cyber event that happens suddenly and leaves a major impact. When it comes to cybersecurity, organizations as well as individuals must give a special preference to black swan theory. As the technology, volume and operation in cyberspace grow, so do the threats. It is not like cyber attacks and data breaches did not happen previously, it is as old as the internet. However, as technology and efficiency of mitigating cyberthreats are growing far and wide, the sophistication level of cyberthreats is also increasing. Talk to any cyber professional, (s)he will let you know how cyberattacks are increasing and how they are struggling to keep a tab on it. To give you a brief idea, as you are reading this article, in another corner of the world, a hacker is busy exploiting the vulnerabilities found in a system. The only way to prevent such attacks or at least stay guarded against cyberthreats is possible through cyber situational awareness. This is what Cyware does – spread the awareness among people and help them to protect themselves as well as their confidential data from cybercriminals.

But, what is the role of cyber situational awareness and how it helps to protect our digital life? To answer it simply, you should know that, sophisticated threats require sophisticated solutions. A person cannot win a war with a pistol if the attacker is holding AK47. The same analogy applies to cyberthreats, as well. Without situational awareness, it is impossible to win a war against cybercriminals. One cannot predict a black swan event, but they can surely analyze the likelihood of an event and its potential impact on security architecture when they are cyber aware. Cyware helps organizations as well as general internet users to be cyber aware by presenting valuable information related to the cyber world in real-time. When we are aware of what is happening in the cyber world, it is possible to smell the threat before it captures us. Everyday Cyware presents 60 to 70 valuable cyber security news articles by scanning the World Wide Web, which explain the number of breaches happening around the world in real-time.  

Besides, different niche products of Cyware give deep insights about the current threat vector, which helps to identify and nip the threat in the bud. Cyber situational awareness is nothing but analyzing the cyber environment, understanding its meaning and examining their impact in near future. When general internet users and organizations are empowered with situational awareness, maximum threats can be mitigated easily before it takes the dangerous form to mock the security tools installed to prevent these threats. Cyware is one such tool that keeps you empowered and updated about the latest happenings of the cyber world. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Download the app today and be cyber aware.