Wednesday , 25 November 2020
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What exactly is ASP.NET and why is it used?

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When we talk about application and web development, you will see that there are way too many frameworks and languages that a developer can take his pick from. Every framework has its own set of benefits and features that set them apart from each other. Here is where we see how ASP.NET comes in and it has a number of benefits attached that makes it shine.So what is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET, created by Microsoft, is an open source web application framework that works on Windows. It was started during early 2000s. This application framework allows the developers to make web applications, services and dynamic sites as well.

Why should you use ASP.NET?

There are a number of reasons that will making using ASP.NET a very good choice for you. The first reason being that the speed associated with this application is incredibly high and has a wide variety of language support, not to mention that it runs at a very low cost. The low cost enables developers to work better and create more for the general public. This application allows developers to choose from a number of environments and since it’s so likable and popular, it gives the developers in question a wide range of information and resources to help them out while they’re learning anything new or anything about the system.

  1. If you want your website or your application to run faster, then you must build it with the help of ASP.NET. This will make it better than any website put together with the help of PHP. Not only does it work faster, it works efficiently and effectively as well.
  2. The best thing about ASP.NET’s applications is that they are compiled. This means that the code is translated into something that can be executed immediately, known as object code. A compiled code is way faster than a translated code and the best part about it is that it doesn’t come with any limits. It can do everything that a translated code can do.
  3. While talking about developing a website, cost is one of the first things that need to be dealt with. The biggest benefit of ASP.NET is that, in terms of development, it provides a very cost effective solution. If you’re a developer you would know how much you have to pay to set up site in PHP. Not only do you pay for the developing part of it, but also for the FTP client and at times the database server. Using WordPress is also not free as many people choose to believe. This is why ASP.NET is cost effective because the entire thing can be developed for free; everything starting from the development environment to server costs and FTP clients can be easily dismissed. The one and only thing you’ll probably have to pay for is hosting.

ASP.NET is written with the help of Object Oriented Programming languages. This includes C#, and C++.  A lot of people feel that these particular languages allow their developer a better sense of freedom and control over the code they make and use. Developers express their concern when it comes to languages like C++ or but C# still remains very easy to pick up and use.

With so many benefits of ASP.NET online test doing the rounds these days, it’s no big surprise that this entire thing is so popular now. The best thing about using such a popular framework is the fact that it has a brilliant developer community and the support is pretty well founded and also extremely easy to locate. You can get whatever help you need with a simple Google search.

Every product that uses is updated all the time to give way to modern standards of development so that the technology keeps running smoothly.

How can ASP.NET help entrepreneurship and businesses?

An ASP.NET programming or development plays a phenomenal role in helping you create solutions for anything that is web based, along with offering you crystal reporting services.

Not just that, it plays a big role in the application development sector related to business to consumer and business to business. Since it is so useful, it has emerged as every developer’s first choice.

After the emergence of such a vast number of e-commerce platforms and businesses, the old way of doing business has lost its charm and has become obsolete. Everything e-commerce related, starting from E tender, auctions, dating, classified ads, job portals, entertainment and social networking is facilitated  by good developed programmes and some of them are done with the help of ASP.NET. Since it helps so much with the number of task solutions it offers, it can be called the most reliable, safe and secure platform that can be used to create applications and websites, bespoke web application development.


When we talk about ASP.NET as a whole, we see that it’s a great framework to develop good web applications and websites. Not only is it fast and easy to use, it is also reliable and known by a number of people. ASP.NET programming allows people to get deep into recruitment solutions. It offers solutions related to hotel and management along with a shopping cart with different kinds of gateway integration.

When you use, you’ll find a new found control  which will let you hold the reigns of your project development and can be easily used on any project, be it big or small.