Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Explore the options to refurbish your home space floors

Flooring types and style gradually earned its place in the modern interior design. It is a perfect solution for an original flooring industrial style. Discover the new ideas of different flooring options for your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Concrete Flooring

The stained concrete floor is a real fascinating trend in the design of kitchen and bathroom. It is present even in indoor lounge and bedroom. The major reason for popularity is because it is modern and easy to integrate into an interior with more colorful example. This is a trendy material but it raises concerns about its installation. Games of materials and decorative effects, all possibilities are open with polished concrete. Discover all the ways that make the most of this great material transform your home. There are many types of concrete, which can be divided into two categories: natural concrete made from cement, water and sand some more concrete additives and composites made based resin. These latter have a close look of a polished concrete. Working with the laying in different ways, the mason can give special effects to concrete: troweled, draped, printed or brushed. In its raw state, concrete is grey. Yet there are three techniques for color: dyed, color surface or painted. For stained concrete floor there are three ways of staining: dyed, color or painted surface concrete and tile cement grey are pretty beautiful for tiled floor living room.

Vinyl Flooring

The vinly flooring gives one side industrial to interior design. Finding its place in rather bath room and kitchen design, flooring using vinyl material is more present in the layout of rooms and chambers because of several reasons. Material resistant modern and industrial design vinyl flooring bathroom are a better choice.

A living room integrated with industrial design with an acid stain concrete, room sofa braided resin concrete tiles changes the semblance of the room. For a garden terrace and effective management, we must think about the mood you want to infuse your exterior. All styles are available, from modern and contemporary to eclectic style, through the rustic or country. It will be necessary to first identify the space you intend to invest and know the dimensions, and why not make a small scale drawings for the ideas clear. To delineate the space you have available to you full of accessories that allow you to hide from view, but also to create a place sheltered from the sun.

Floating floor

The floating floor mimics hardwood, but no layer of real wood is used in its composition. It is rather a printing (photo), applied on a layer of chipboard, covered with a protective layer. This type of flooring is stable and resistant, but it obviously cannot be sanded. With many advantages such as easy to install, click systems to allow installation without the intervention of a team of professional, it has gained popularity! Moreover, it creates the warm and organic effect of wood, but at an affordable cost. It can cost up to 3 times less than a real wood floor. This flooring is named such because it is not attached directly to the floor, unlike the hardwood floor, which is nailed. The floating floor is placed on a thin membrane vapor barrier, and its laths are nested in one another.