Sunday , 25 August 2019
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How to Forge a Career in Photography

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If you love your photography then there are ways in which you can turn it from a hobby into a way of earning a living and in the internet age, it has never been easier to do so. Not everyone has an eye for photography and many people may well leave it as a hobby if they don’t feel as though they have what it takes. If you have a natural ability for finding the right hot, the right lighting and the right development process however then you could form a successful career in photography like Joshua Manocherian.

If becoming a professional photographer is something that you would love to do as a career then here are some of the ways in which you can turn your hobby into a living wage.

Weddings and Events

One of the best places to start and to earn your corn so to speak would be to start taking photos at weddings and events. Not only are wedding and event planners prepared to fork out quite a bit of cash for your services, they are relatively easy gigs for a good photographer and don’t require too much artistic ability. Th other benefit of these types of events is that they are great places to network, many wedding photographers can get 10 or more future weddings as a result of taking photographs at just one. To get you name out there further you should be utilizing social media and attending wedding fairs.

Enter Competitions

If you truly have what it takes then you can boost your annual earnings through entering your work into photography competitions. Many of them offer cash rewards and if you photo is selected as one of the winners then you will not only win some money but a little notoriety as well. Most competitions that take place are offered in magazines and online photography websites and they will ensure that your name is put up in lights should you win.

Start a Blog

To present your work you should start a photography blog, this is not only a great way to get your name out there but it is also the perfect portal for showing off your work. In order to gain a strong following for your blog you need to be uploading quality content on a regular basis, don’t just upload your photos, write articles as well about how you took the photo, what development technique did you use, how did you capture the lighting and other interesting aspects of you photo you have taken.

If you can amass a strong enough following on your blog or if you are at least receiving a strong volume of traffic then you could even monetize your blog by opening it up to advertisers who will pay to put an ad on your site and you can also start reviewing photography equipment for companies and either get paid for it or receive free stuff as a result.