Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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Got Career Goals? Research Your Distance MBA Options First

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For working professionals, more qualification than the existing one can help one climb the corporate ladder. An added degree, such as an MBA, is a welcome step to reach career goals, and distance education is one of the most convenient ways to achieve it. For a graduate still not working, a distance MBA can help to build a career where one can start working along with taking up the best distance MBA programme in a scenario of earning as well as studying.

Depending upon the specialisation chosen, one can seek placement in various sectors like sales and marketing, finance, import/export, telecom, hospital management, retail chain management, general management, accountancy, international business, and IT operations. With every specialisation, there are many options available. For example, candidates who have graduated from the best distance MBA universities in India with finance specialisation can look forward to a career in commercial banking, corporate finance, insurance, investment banking, wealth management, real estate, financial planning and so forth. In another example, a distance MBA in project management can help make a person’s career in the healthcare industry, banking, public-service administration, corporate retail, and IT industry under the job titles process analyst, administrator, project manager, or corporate project consultant.

While doing the research, the whole process of selecting the right school depends on a lot of factors, which could vary from person to person. To decide from the available options, check on the following issues.

Start by checking the accreditation of the college and the course. It should be accredited by the Distance Education Council (DCE) and/or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Obtaining a degree from a non-accredited college will be a waste of money and time. Also check if the curriculum offered is the same or similar to on-campus curriculum. Check on the course content, compare with other distance programmes, and make sure that you undertake an updated curriculum to suit your goal. It is also important to have proper technology to deliver the course content. Reputed education institutions thrive on videos, blogs, industry mentor chart, small-group mentoring, newsletters and so forth. Also important is scheduling of any online or weekend classes, since you are not attending regular classes.

When it comes to employment opportunities, the major concern is the value of the degree. This demands for a research to find a top distance MBA university in India. Through various search engines, mentoring the area of your interest and going through the recommendations and reviews, one can shortlist the suitable institution.