Saturday , 20 April 2019
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A Guide to Help You Buy a Dog Harness

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It is very important to choose the right dog harness for your dog and, once you know what you are doing, it is also very easy. The key that you have to remember is that dog harnesses reduce stress on necks, which instantly demonstrates why size is so important. A harness is essentially made so that people have greater control over their dog, including when the dog is in a vehicle. Additionally, it makes it easier for a dog to take part in certain activities.

Understanding Harnesses

Simply put, a harness is a vital tool when it comes to being out with your dog, giving you the peace of mind that you won’t have problems when walking your dog. Some of these issues, like straining, choking, and pulling, can become persistent problems and may even result in you having to take your dog to the vet regularly. With a harness, so long as it is properly fitted, you will find it more comfortable to be out with your dog, and they won’t be in any danger either.

Once you know what the harness is for, you need to pick the one that is right for your particular breed of dog. Because there are so many different parts of harnesses, the two starting points when choosing your harness is your dog’s size, and their temperament. If your dog is a Labrador, for instance, which I a strong, large dog, then you are likely to need a harness that goes around the torso of your dog. If your dog is a Border Collie, which is not as powerful but a lot more energetic, then a head harness, going around the jaw and nose, may be more suitable.

The size of your dog is also very important. So, before you purchase your harness, make sure you measure them. Labels usually say Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, but you need to know whether it will fit your dog or not regardless. A Labrador, for instance, can be either large or extra large, and a Border Collie can be medium or large.

Next, think about latches and materials. Harnesses should be easy to clean, but also hard wearing and durable. If at all possible, you could keep the same harness for most of your dog’s life.

There are two main goals to a harness:

  1. Reducing the stress on their neck because it makes it harder to pull and strain.
  2. Giving you more control over your dog.

If you have always walked your dog with a collar and leash, and you suddenly put them in a harness, you are likely to meet with some resistance. However, if you are able to persist, you will find that walking your dog becomes a pleasure again. Do also leave your dog’s collar on, because this will hold their tag, and will give you the added security of knowing that, should something go wrong with the harness, you will still be able to control your dog.