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Our guide to make a biometric passport

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The passport is an official document that identifies a person as a full individual when traveling outside their country of origin. To travel abroad, this paper is essential to prove his identity. Because of this, it is important to know the different steps to make a biometric passport.

The records to be provided

To apply for a biometric passport, you must go personally to the town hall or the consulate of your choice. In the file, there must be:

A subsequent passport, a national identity card or a copy of birth certificate as proof of the identity of the person concerned.

A photo taken according to the conditions required by the Ministry of the Interior.

The family record book if the person is civilly married. A marriage certificate can formally replace it, or a birth certificate where the marital status is indicated.

A proof of address, such as a title deed or a rent receipt. The interested party may also submit a telephone or gas bill instead, which confirms his address.

The cost of the fees set by the Treasury, in cash or via the bank card.

What extra parts for minors?

Minors will have to complete their file with a parental authorization or that of their tutor. In order to prove the identity of the parent or guardian, some documents are to be provided.

If the parents are civilly married, they must give a birth certificate that would mention their name or a photocopy of the family booklet. In the absence of these documents, parents will have to provide a joint statement.

If parents are legally divorced, the file must include a court order that stipulates the right to take their child away.

If the minor is under tutorship, a family authorization will be required, otherwise his guardian will have to submit a legal decision designating him as legal tutor.

All these civil acts will be verified and validated. And for more reliability, some institutions rely on providers such as Semlex to provide protected documents with QR codes or holograms. And when these documents are complete, the concerned can withdraw his passport by going directly to the locality where he was asked or to be sent by secure mail.

The validity of the passport

Making a biometric passport must meet international standards for it to be valid. It lasts up to 10 years and to avoid counterfeiting, contactless microchips are introduced. Passports provided by Semlex, for example, meet the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Founded by Albert Karaziwan, this company specializes in the design of biometric documents began in Brussels to spread today outside its borders.

When checking passports in specialized devices, the identity of the person concerned is confirmed or not. As Albert Karaziwan noted, identity documents need protection against forgery, that is why Semlex offers solutions. By taking advantage of technology, the company creates a database to certify the identity of each person. This is one more step towards a more secure future.