Tuesday , 24 May 2022
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Last Minute Preparation Tips and Tricks for MAT 2018 (Sept)

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MAT 2018 is scheduled on 15th September for computer based candidates. MAT is one of the easiest and most scoring management entrance examinations and is a gateway for taking admission in 200+ management education B-schools across the country.

The difficulty level of MAT is way much lesser and easier compared to other management entrance examinations and hence, the probability of scoring higher in this examination is quite high with a strong level of preparation. MAT is held four times a year in May, September, December and February.

With September edition of MAT 2018 is just round the corner; let us have a look at some important last minute preparation tips to gear up your preparation levels.

Know the paper pattern well

You should be aware of the paper pattern properly by now, as this will help you to select which sections to choose first and which later.

Do not attempt any new topics at the last minute

This is a very crucial time so instead of going on new topics at last minute it is suggested to focus on already prepared topics and revise them and get strong on those.

Manage your time properly and carefully

Time management is very crucial for competitive examinations like MAT. So, one should learn to manage time effectively. Candidate should be careful to decide which section to select first and then which other sections to attempt subsequently.

Avoid negative marking at any cost

As you all must be aware by now that MAT contains negative marking. 1/4th marks will be deducted for every wrong answer thus, it is better not to attempt questions you are not sure about. Focus on questions or areas you answer with confidence.

Adapt a selective and proper methodology

MAT is a time based examination and there are overall 5 sections in the question paper. By now you must be aware of your strong as well as weak areas and hence, it is advisable to focus on selective approach by starting with sections in which you are strong. This will also maximize your chances of scoring higher percentile in the exam.

Avoid last minute cramming up

Last minute cramming must be avoided as it is highly unlikely that you will remember whatever you try to study at the last minute. So avoid last minute preparations.

Solve previous papers and mock tests

You must have already solved many mock tests and previous papers also by now. Try attempting 1-2 mocks per day now. Also, do not forget to go through the previous year question papers to get aware of the pattern once again. And who knows if you are lucky enough to get some similar question again in the paper.

Try not to get stressed before the exam

Being nervous and tensed before the examination can hamper your performance as this makes you forget things. So, try not to get stressed yourself instead have a cool and keep calm so that you can focus well on exam.

Get a proper good sleep

A proper sleep is very important before the examination. Hence try to get a good 8-9 hour sleep before the night of examination so that you remain fresh and are able to perform in the exam with a cool relaxed mind.

Keep a balance between score and accuracy

As there will be 200 questions and just 150 minutes so, you hardly get less than a minute per question. Thus, it is important to have great speed throughout the exam and try solving answers with utmost accuracy.

With all these last minute tips and tricks, we are sure you are going to score high in the upcoming September edition of MAT examination.