Monday , 23 April 2018
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Love to enhance your contours? Then get a fake sunless tan with some absolute ways!

The ever-increasing trends of fashion and beauty have completely changed the mentality of people which prevailed since past. Now the typical idea of a tall, slim and fair body has completely changed! Individuals now explore the real meaning of beauty in their inner talents, self-confidence and willpower to fight against all odds.  Moreover, as the fashion and beauty statements keep on changing every now and then, individuals are now highly engaged in defining their bodies through fake tanning.

Well, it is one of the most suitable methods which allow you to alter your skin tone as darker as you wish. Most of you might be thinking that why to use a fake tanner when you can easily get a dusky skin under the sun? But wait! Everything has pros and cons. Let’s figure out more why sun tan could be harmful!

Vitamin D is essential, but suntan is not!

Well, all of us are completely aware about the various health benefits that vitamin D serves us with. However, exposing your body under the sun for a longer period of time can lead to sun burn, tanning, rashes, skin infections and a lot more critical diseases like skin cancer. Thus, people are usually suggested to spend some time under the sun during the early morning hours, but the midday or afternoon sun exposure should be avoided as far as possible. The tanning may produce the recurred amount of melanin in your body; however, the UV rays may even affect the healthy skin cells of your body up to a larger extend. Thus, fair people must usually avoid sun exposure for long.

So how to get a fake tan without letting your skin cells get damaged?

As technology has now achieved exceptional milestones, it has made everything possible for us! Even a fake sunless tan! To allow the people enjoy several health benefits of skin tan both externally and internally, there are several companies that have started the production of self-tanning through sprays, creams, tablets and even injections. These will not only assist you in getting a desirably flawless skin, but will maintain your health as well. Here are some of the ways through which, you can effectively manage your skin tone.

  • Melanotan 2 peptide– for those who don’t wish to spend days under the sun to achieve a perfect skin tone, the tanning peptide is an amazing product for them. It functions on your skin from within the body and thus is applied through the way of an injection. It is shipped in the form of a powder and is then reconstituted through sterile water and is then injected under your skin. Melanotan 2 peptide can easily benefit your skin by providing it a long-term skin tan with minimal exposure under the sun. You can consume it for as long as you wish according to the changing color of your body. Tanning peptide is one of the most preferred products for getting a beautifully tanned skin.
  • Carotenoids– by consumption of certain Carotenoids containing products, you can easily achieve a flawless tanned skin. This antioxidant is found in some of the vegetables and fruits like tomatoes and carrots which eventually lead to a change in your skin tone when ingested in a high amount. This is a really long lasting product which also provides you an attractive skin tone, generally considered as a golden skin color. Carotenoids effectively function in protecting the skin from UV rays and can give you a disease less tanned skin.
  • Lycopene– it is another substance which is largely concentrated in tomatoes. It is the basic intermediate in the biosynthesis of xanthophylls and beta-carotene. It is also considered as one of the strongest elements which can get into your body and can be provided you with a desired dark skin tone. The non- toxicity and strong color of lycopene, it is also used as a food coloring agent. In countries like Australia and USA its use has been supported and is approved as a skin tanner.
  • Canthaxanthin– it is again a commonly used color additive in food. When consumed in larger quantities, it gets deposited under your skin and within the layers of fat in bulk. This leads to a change in your body color, and your skin tone starts reflecting an orange-brown shade. It is thus used in the production of tanning pills that make your skin look effective in no time. However, it has also been linked with a lot of health problems and is thus, not approved by certain health specialists. It can also cause certain issues in your digestive system making ad could damage the skin cells as well.
  • DHA-based products– DHA here stands for Dihydroxyacetone which is a product that does not act like a stain, dye or paint, but it cause certain chemical changes when applied on the dead layer of the skin. It neither requires an exposure under the sunlight, nor does it ask for underlying skin pigmentation. As soon as it is applied, you need to stay susceptible to ultraviolet rays for at least 24 hours. It is used as a self-tanner and is applied through a particular process. You can easily use it as an ointment that you can apply on the parts where you require a different skin tone. However, these products remain effective for a very short span of time.

Thus, by consuming any of these described products or by applying them to your body as directed, you can generally develop a layer of fake sunless tan which enhances your contours at its best. When talked in deeper terms, according to me, the use of Melanotan 2 peptide is certainly the best one out of all of these. This is because, it neither requires a long-lasting skin exposure under the sun, nor it gets away easily. As it is easily absorbed by your body, your skin looks evenly toned, and people won’t discover any patches on it. It is just a onetime investment which stays with you for long. Now fulfilling your desire of getting a tanned body is not just a dream.