Friday , 27 January 2023
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OnePlus X Available Invite-Free Between Dec. 5-7: Gifts And Discounts Also In Tow

OnePlus X - A New Way To Buy

OnePlus has big news ahead of the holidays, announcing an invite-free sale of its latest OnePlus X between Dec. 5 and 7.

The company stirred lots of interest with its original OnePlus One smartphone back in 2014, launching the high-end device as a “flagship killer” with powerful specs and an affordable price tag. OnePlus followed up in 2015 with another flagship killer, the OnePlus 2, as well as the mid-range OnePlus X.

While OnePlus handsets drove high demand due to their impressive specs for the price they carried, one big drawback was the company’s invite-only system. OnePlus didn’t want to make more devices than it could sell, so it implemented an invite system where only people with an invitation could purchase a device.

This invite system stirred plenty of criticism, as many prospective buyers wanted to purchase a OnePlus handset but couldn’t get their hands on an invite. The company ultimately ditched the invites for the original OnePlus One, but launched the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X on the same dreaded system.

It’s now time for the OnePlus 2 to permanently ditch the invite system as well, while the mid-range OnePlus X will get a couple of days without an invitation. The OEM officially announced┬áthat starting on Dec. 5 until Dec. 7, prospective customers will be able to purchase the OnePlus X invite-free. Once this promotion expires, the smartphone will again require an invite for purchase.

Moreover, customers who buy the handset by Dec. 7 should receive it in time for the holidays, OnePlus further noted.

In addition to the invite-free sales, OnePlus also has some other treats in store to attract more customers. Between Dec. 5 and 7, the company will be slashing the price of various accessories and offer a free gift with some orders.

According to the announcement, the OnePlus 2 StyleSwap covers will be available at half price, select OnePlus One accessories will be 90 percent off, all other accessories will retail for 10 percent off and a “limited number of first orders” will also get a Never Settle mousepad for free as a holiday gift.

Accessories ordered by Dec. 7 will also arrive in time for the holidays.