Sunday , 25 August 2019
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How to Pursue an Acting Career

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Each year there are thousand of students across America who are discouraged from pursuing a career in acting because of the difficulties that it comes with. Many dismiss acting as a fanciful career choice and as such they don’t encourage students to chase after their dream of being an actor.

Whilst it is true that acting professionally is something that is difficult to get into and not everyone can become the next Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Peter Benedict or Meryl Streep, there is still a lot of options available for a career in acting that earns a good enough living if not the millions that famous acting earn.

If you want to be an actor then here are some steps for you to follow, don’t let people discourage you, if it’s what you truly want then follow your dreams.

Learn Your Craft

You can go ahead and get an education in drama but this isn’t absolutely necessary, the key to becoming a great actor is to learn you craft in any way that you can. Practicing alone at home, watching lots of different movie genres and seeing how the greats act are good ways of learning.

In order to enhance your acting abilities you should look to join as many drama and theater groups as possible both in school and in the community. And certainly don’t overlook taking acting classes or programs through a verified institution.


The large majority of the World’s most famous actors started their careers in theater, films can be edited, scripted, tweaked, changed and re-shot whereas acting in theater settings mean that you have to get it right for time or think on your feet. When it comes to conveying emotions in theater performances this can be more difficult in a theater setting as you are so close to the audience that they will be able to see any cracks which may appear. To give yourself the best possible opportunity to improve as an a actor it is recommended that you try to get as much theater time under your belt as possible.

Audition for Everything and Listen to Feedback

When you are starting your career in acting it is far too early to decide what kind of actor you wish to be, the key is getting into the industry and you should be auditioning for any kind of parts that you can. It doesn’t matter whether it is a commercial, low-budget film or a mega movie that you are auditioning for, if you don’t get the part then ask for feedback. I you managed to get some feedback  then listen to it intently and try to work on the areas where you aren’t strong enough. If you want to truly succeed then you need to continuously work on your acting ability.a