Wednesday , 25 May 2022
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Reclaim Your Workshop With Updated Storage

Cluttered Garage? Reclaim Your Space With These 21 Brilliant Garage  Organizing Ideas | Garage tools, Garage storage organization, Diy garage  storage

Has your workshop started to look like a maze of tools, equipment and things you might need one day? If so, it is time to take charge and reclaim your space. so you can be more productive and better able to focus. Consider these strategies to help you design the best storage setup for your shop

Take Inventory of Your Equipment

Different types of equipment have their own storage needs, and the best setup for your shop will accommodate the tools you have now and the ones you anticipate getting in the future. That means the best place to start is with a comprehensive inventory of your equipment.

It can be helpful to break your list down into tools that are stationary and those that need to be mobile. For those that may need to be moved around your work area, consider investing in heavy duty casters that can accommodate thousands of pounds without worry.

Draw Out Your Floorplan

Now that you know what you have, sit down and make a plan. It can be helpful to draw out your room and add in pieces of equipment and possible storage solutions for each. If your drawing skills are lacking, you might want to try out one of the very helpful floorplan programs available online. Many have a trial or free version so you can create professional-looking drawings without paying a dime.

Utilize Overhead and Wall Storage Spaces

Storage is more than toolboxes and workbenches. There are tons of great solutions that allow you to use the space overhead. Rafter-mounted shelves are an excellent choice for storing seasonal items or specialty tools that don’t get a lot of use.

Walls are another great storage resource. Install a slat wall system or pegboard to hang things like cords and hand tools. Most accommodate bins and shelves for organizing small parts, which makes them invaluable at keeping everything neat well into the future.

By knowing what tools you have, carefully drawing a floorplan and using additional overhead and wall space, you can create a neat and organized shop.