Saturday , 4 February 2023
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Red Unveils The Scarlet-W And Scarlet-W Monochrome, Offering 5K Cinema Quality At An Affordable Price

Red Scarlet-W

Shooting video in 5K RAW video and/or 2K ProRes can be a pretty expensive undertaking, however, thankfully, Red just made it cheaper.

The company has announced the new $9,950 Scarlet-W and Scarlet-W Monochrome, two cameras that are able to shoot in 5K RAW and 2K ProRes using the Dragon sensor found in other Red cameras.

The cameras can also handle slo-mo at 60fps in 5K widescreen, 150fps at 4K or 300fps at 2K.

The new model sits firmly in between the company’s high-end 6K Epic, which costs a cool $29,000, and the Raven, which came out only a few months ago and costs $5,950. According to Red, the Raven, as its name suggests, is intended more for drone or gimbal video capture, while the Scarlet-W is intended as an entry-level main camera. According to Jared Land from Red, however, all its cameras use the Dragon sensor, making cutting footage between the different cameras a pretty simple task.

The new camera is also aimed at being incredibly versatile, allowing for users to change the mounts, something that couldn’t be done on the Raven. While the Raven is smaller than Scarlet-W, it’s not smaller by too much and is still very light, according to No Film School.

Unfortunately, while past models of cameras have been upgradeable, past models cannot be upgraded to the the Scarlet-W. Owners of the previous Scarlet Dragon, however, will get a nice $2,500 discount on the new entry-level package, which will come with a Canon mount and cost $12,000 instead of the usual $14,500.

In addition to the standard Scarlet-W, Red has also introduced the Scarlet-W Monochrome, which offers the same specs except it offers a black and white Dragon sensor. This offers better image quality and higher detail, according to Red.

The price of the new camera should make it popular among independent filmmakers.