Monday , 21 January 2019
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From Shallow to Deep Frying, This Is the Perfect Way to Cook Delicious Dishes

A modern-day kitchen looks incomplete if certain appliances are not a part and parcel of it. Women today juggle between home and office and so need these appliances to ease off their load a bit at least in the kitchen.

One such must-have kitchen appliance is a deep fryer, which is easy to operate and maintain.

Frying food in a conventional way needs some expertise and attentiveness or else there are chances of either getting the food – or self -, burned with splashed oil. As women are generally preoccupied with too many thoughts involving kids, their job and household chores, the attentiveness might not be up to the mark.

With the help of a deep fryer occupying, you don’t need to worry that hot oil might spatter all over. This self-contained unit lets you peacefully fry food items in a hygienic and convenient way. Even the cleaning of this appliance is a hassle-free job.

Let us see few deep fryer tips that should be followed for safe and perfect frying so that you can cook delicious dishes:

Picking the Right Oil

Any oil that is to be used for deep frying needs to have a high smoke point. This is essential because otherwise the oil will start breaking down early. Oils like canola, peanut, sunflower, and safflower are good choices as they all have high smoke points.

Maintain the Temperature

Maintain the ideal temperature for frying. The ideal temperature for deep frying is generally between 350°F and 375°F. If you fry at this temperature, the oil absorption is minimal. A good deep fryer is usually smart enough to maintain a particular temperature.

Never Mix Water and Oil

Make sure that when you are dropping food in the fryer, it is patted dry and does not contain water. In case it contains water, then the water added to hot oil can cause an outburst. In case you have touse wet batter, make sure to shake off any excess batter. This will ensure that it’s splatter-free frying.

Fill the Fryer Only Halfway with Oil

Never fill your fryer with oil more than the marked line, which is approximately halfway. This ensures that once the food is added to it, there won’t be any dangerous bubbling-over. Also, don’t overload the fryer.Fry in batches. Overloading can also cause it to bubble over and also too much of stuff in a single batch can cause the temperature of the oil to drop resulting in greasy and soggy output. To get the deep-fried food crunchy, it should be surrounded by hot oil that is at the right temperature.

Add Salt after Frying

If salt is to be added as seasoning, it should be done after the frying is complete. Salt, if added before, can draw moisture resulting in splattering. It also lowers the smoking point of the oil because of which the oil molecules break down quicker.

By keeping these few pointers in mind, you will be able to cook delicious dishes in your fryer safely.