Wednesday , 29 January 2020
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The Shark Rocket Vacuum Cleaner – Why it is such a great buy

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The Shark Rocket Vacuum cleaner is manufactured by SharkNinja and has received rave reviews from users. It is a lightweight and easy to use cleaner which cleans hard surfaces and carpets with equal effectiveness. Weighing under 10 lbs. this lightweight piece of equipment offers features like swivel steering, removable dust container and many other features.  Patented technology in Shark rocket vacuum cleaner ensures that 99% of the dirt is kept away from the filter so that suction remains even and the cleaner can do the job right, every single time.

Design and Features:

Even though the Shark Rocket is not as sleek as some other vacuums on the market, it has a lot of the same features and attachments. It also offers great performance at a fraction of the price.

  • The handheld part of the vacuum weighs less than 5 lbs. and it includes the dust cup, the motor and the power cord. Even with attachments added on like the floor cleaning nozzle and extension tube, it is easy to use and portable too.
  • It has two cleaning modes and a toggle switch makes it easy to switch between the two. The first mode is for cleaning floors or delicate rugs. Mode 2 is more suited for cleaning carpets in high traffic areas.
  • The electrical cord is over 25 feet long and offers great reach. Users have to unplug and use other electrical outlets far less as compared to other vacuum cleaning units. When one is using battery power, there is no need to worry about drained batteries.

Usability: The Shark rocket vacuum was designed with easy use in mind. A latch on the side of the unit makes it easy to dump out dirt and re-latch easily. The design of the unit keeps the electrical cord out of the way – the designers kept ergonomics in mind. The attachments also pivot during use, making use around heavy furniture and corners very easy.

Overall performance: The Shark Rocket performed just as well as the others available on the market considering its size.  Its suction power is top-notch and picks up items like food, pet and human hair and sawdust quite easily, whether it was on carpet or on hard floors.

Maintenance and Customer Support: The Shark Rocket website has a section where customers can get the needed accessories and replacement parts, quite easily.  The company also has a dedicated customer service team and can be reached 24/7. The manufacturer also offers an incredible 5-year limited warranty on all appliances. Customers should do routine maintenance so that the appliance works efficiently.  Following manufacturer instructions will help in garnering optimum performance.


The Shark Rocket is a great buy for the price – it offers not just looks but also the functionality of some of the most expensive vacuums on the market. It is also easily customizable and works on many surfaces – hard floors, carpets, upholstery and even in cars. Customers can expect great performance and best of all, it is ergonomically designed.  It is easily a great buy for the price and users will not be disappointed.