Tuesday , 7 February 2023
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Surprise, Surprise! Apple Unveils iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

iPhone 6s Battery Case

Apple announced the release of an original battery case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, in a move to secure a foothold in the battery case market.

The description of the protective case shows that the designers of the Smart Battery Case target the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users, who get a consistent level of protection against scratches and falls, alongside 25 hours of extra usage.

The case follows the lines of previous Apple cases, with high quality silicone being the main material. The silicone is reinforced with microfiber. In the composition of the case, a special elastomer assures that the case can easily be detached from the smartphone.

Similar to third-party battery cases, a Lightning male port situated at the bottom of the case help you plug your iPhone in. While most third-party cases use a microUSB cable to charge their battery, this one uses the handset’s default Lightning cable. The fact that a female Lightning port sits at the bottom of the case means that owners can recharge their smartphones and battery from the case, simultaneously.

Users may use the official Lightning dock to hook up the iPhone, while in the protective battery case.

No official info about a battery case for 6 Plus or 6s Plus exists, at the moment.

One thing fans of Apple’s design might find unappealing is that the case has a small hump on its back, where the extra battery is packed. Of course, there are cutouts along the edges of the case, so you still can use iPhone’s iSight camera, mute switch and headphone jack. Only the knobs that control the volume and the sleep/wake button get covered by the silicone cover.

Without providing details about how big the cased battery actually is, Apple promises that the phone’s capacity will increase by 25 hours of talking, 18 hours of LTE Internet perusing and 20 hours of audio-video entertainment.

When the iPhone is recharging and has its case on, a special lock screen will display the power status of the native and incased battery.

Owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s may purchase the Smart Battery Case in two color options: charcoal gray and white, for a price point of $99.