Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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The ten items that are going to save your life in your next equine wildlife adventure

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Many nature lovers and adventurers out there are right now thinking of going off for a couple of days in the wild with nothing but their horses and camping gear. While that is romantic and cool, you do not want it to be another “Into the Wild” story. To be a complete badass, you need to be a good planner. Yes! That may sound very unhappening, but that’s the truth. You need to plan for all the dangers that may come your way once you are all alone in the wilderness.

Before you can start packing your sleeping bag and stuff your guide to edible plants in your backpack, give this list of 10 necessary items a read. Unlike the Breeders Cup Juvenile, you will go on a journey that will test your endurance and your smarts. These few gears can save your life!

  1. Coach’s whistle: sometimes, people stay away from the main trail. When you find yourself off course, do not panic because you can blow the whistle instead. This is also very useful when you are feeling dehydrated or weak, and you need to call for help. The piercing noise is distinct, easily recognizable and it travels further than the human voice.
  2. Bailer Twine: this stuff is only waiting for your imagination. There is no limitation to the use of bailer twine. From use as clotheslines to tying a broken shoe together; your creativity truly only limits its applications.
  3. Duct tape: why will you fix your broken shoe with bailer twine, when you can have duct tape in your backpack? This stuff finds use everywhere. From broken car headlights to splinters in the saddle that can irritate your leg.
  4. Toilet paper rolls: you can never have enough of these! From wiping your hands to using it is a trail marker, TP is the boss of all camping equipment and wilderness gears.
  5. Flashlight: a flashlight or a headlamp can help you work after the sun goes down. From setting up the camp to finding the rocks for building the perimeter – you will need light during your trip throughout.
  6. Fire starters: waterproof matches, lighters, little fuel and dry paper are must-haves for all pro campers who wish to spend the night in the jungle.
  7. Space blanket: these are light and super useful. Not only will these keep your comfortable, but they will also prevent hypothermia. If you don’t have one, visit your sporting goods store to buy a cheap one off the rack.
  8. Plastic bags: they can become your bandage protector, water carrier, wastepaper packet and electronics protector. Plastic bags weigh almost nothing, and you can slip 10 of them in different places for later use.
  9. Mobile phones: this is 2018, and we cannot think of leaving our homes without mobile phones. Even if the entire aim of your trip is to get away from civilization and work, carry an old model phone on you. If possible, carry a portable charger. When lost, a mobile phone can save you, your friends and your horses from days of running around in the wilderness.
  10. GPS: mobiles do have GPS functions, but if you want the old-school thrill do not forget to carry your GPS device or a compass.

These are a few very obvious but easily-missed items you must have in your backpack before you leave home for your grand getaway!