Saturday , 4 February 2023
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The Ultra-Secure Turing Phone Has Been Delayed Until ‘Q1 2016’

Turing Phone

Unfortunately, for those looking to get their hands on the ultra-secure Turing Phone soon, it seems as though production of the phone has been delayed until 2016.

According to Turing Robotic Industries, the phone will not ship on the original shipping date of Dec. 18, with orders instead arriving sometime in the first quarter or 2016. This is because the company needs more time to offer a “truly secure OS,” while still offering features like access to Google Play.

“TRI needs more time to make sure when the Turing Phone is delivered it’ll be one of the best mobile devices ever conceived. To accomplish this, we ask for your patience and continuous support,” says the email from Turing Robotic Industries.

While the delay is somewhat unfortunate for those who are waiting for the new device, Turing is going out of its way to keep its customers happy, and has offered users a free bump up to the next-highest storage capacity for when their phone does arrive. In other words, if you ordered a 16 GB model, you’ll now get the 64 GB model, and if you ordered the 64 GB model, you’ll get the 128 GB model. Those who ordered the 128 GB model will get the 128 GB Limited Edition model, and those who ordered the 128 GB Limited Edition model will have to stick with the flagship phone that they ordered. Turing also mentioned that users can cancel their preorder to receive a full refund.

The Turing Phone itself is being billed as one of the most secure smartphones on the planet, using advanced encryption to safeguard a user’s data. In fact, the device doesn’t even have a USB port for data transfer, with users instead charging through a proprietary connector and transferring data wirelessly. The design of the device matches the futuristic concept, being made out of “liquidmorphium,” a liquid metal that, according to Turing, is stronger than steel and titanium.

Turing says that the exact shipping date will be announced later this month.