Tuesday , 24 April 2018
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Three Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

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Though many people will buy an insurance policy after buying a home, few people think that they need insurance when renting a home. Whether you live in a duplex with a neighbor next door, an apartment with renters above you or a standalone home, you really need to invest in insurance. Not only will the policy protect you from damage caused by weather conditions and accidents, but it can protect your belongings too. Most policies cover the accidents or mistakes that you make as well as accidents caused by others.

Landlord Neglect

Even if you tour a rental before you move in, you may miss some of the warning signs that your landlord neglects some of his responsibilities. Landlords must keep properties in good condition and ensure that a home or apartment is ready before a new tenant moves into that property. Neglect on the part of your landlord can include failure to make repairs to the roof and other parts of the home or ignoring holes and other problems in a lawn. Your renters insurance will cover accidents and incidents that occur as the result of neglect on the behalf of your landlord.

Disaster Coverage

Disaster coverage includes both natural disasters and man-made disasters. A natural disaster is something like a floor or an earthquake. This damage can lead the home unfit for human habitation and lead to you staying in a hotel or with friends until your landlord repairs the building. Your policy will not cover the cost of repairs but will cover the cost of replacing things you lost because of that disaster. If the building suffered damage because of disasters that you caused, the policy may pay your landlord for the required repairs that the building needs.

Neighbor Issues

Before you consult with Florida independent insurance agents and look at the cost of renters insurance, you should look at how these policies can protect you against issues caused by your neighbors. If your neighbor accidentally starts a fire that spreads to your unit, your insurer can help you replace the belongings that you lost in that fire. It also kicks in to cover items lost as the result of a floor caused by your neighbors. Though you may think that you don’t need renters insurance, one of these policies will come in handy after you move into a new rental home or apartment.