Saturday , 6 June 2020
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Understanding Commercial Janitorial Services

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Whether a company is small, mid-sized or a large corporation, they all employ commercial janitorial services. Depending on the scale and type of company, janitorial services are provided accordingly.

Every workplace requires a clean work setting. The restrooms, kitchen areas and offices- all need to be swept and mopped regularly to maintain a hygienic work environment. The many floors of the company buildings require janitorial services for their everyday functioning like cleaning trash-bins, re-stocking of paper products, hand soaps and other necessities.

Many companies have their own employees that maintain the cleanliness of the building and areas as these employees have access to all areas, some companies feel the need to protect the privacy of their materials and equipments that they are using and hence do not allow professional cleaners to enter sensitive production areas.

If a person catches a cold, several others can get affected, keeping the employees absent and costing the company its productivity. Therefore, all companies have professional cleaning services, either their own, or those hired from outside. They make sure that waiting areas where customers sit are clean, presenting a good impression on the customers. Similarly, other areas are also sanitized regularly to keep contagious diseases at bay and provide a healthy work environment to the employees.

When companies interview cleaning services for offices, many questions are asked. The size of business, number of employees, the nature of business and the services required routinely and periodically. Package prices are offered when all information is exchanged between the company and service providers. Accordingly tasks will be carried out daily, weekly or monthly depending on the need. Some services like carpet- cleaning, waxing tiled floors and cleaning draperies are only provided three or four times a year. The time period between these can be decided as well as the daily timings of the janitorial services that do not interfere with other employees’ work.

One may not realize, but janitorial services are hugely responsible for the smooth functioning of companies, schools, universities and other places where they operate. River City Cleaners has been providing commercial cleaning services in Alberta since 2004 and has the experience and expertise to professionally clean offices, businesses, or buildings. They offer high standards of commercial cleaning, reliable consistent staff, on-site supervision and competitive pricing. River City cleaners also guarantee that all of their cleaning products meet the highest environmental, and safety standards.