Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Various issues related to bad web hosting services

Nowadays it is very common that every individual is switching over the internet to start a new business or to expand the existing business model. Everyone wants to have a unique website registered under his/her name. But just buying a domain won’t help. To promote the products or to run the business, a good space on the web is mandatory. A good web hosting provider can solve all the issue regarding the website.

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But many times, it has been observed that due to some cheap hosting features and plans, the website owners face a lot of difficulties in managing their website. For an owner, their website is everything. Customers judge the reputation of the products from the visibility of their website. And in today’s date websites are considered as the most trustworthy way to judge the overall business of a service provider. So it is very much necessary for the owners to go for a good web hosting service provider.

A lot of issues have been observed when a person opts for cheap and poor web hosting services. Some of the common issues related to bad web hosting services are:-

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  • Excessive downtime – If a customer is visiting a website, it refers that he/she is actually interested in the products. In other words, it can be said as he/she can be an active lead to enhance the sale. But the website holder never understands the value of a single visitor until he faces difficulties in improving the sale of products. A good uptime is very much essential to attract a visitor to browse different varieties of products available on the website. But if the website is down all the time, then the website holder is directly losing business. And a time will come when the website will be shut down by the owner. This downtime problem of a website mainly happens due to bad web hosting service. Most of the time, fraud web hosting service providers bait a good uptime to attract the customers, but in the end, they manage to dumb the customers with worst downtime services.
  • Lack of features – To run with the trend, various features are offered by different web hosting service providers. Nowadays latest features such as vBulletin, Drupal, WordPress are very common features included in the hosting services. If you are paying for a hosting service and not able to access such features, then it is time to switch to a trustable web hosting service provider. Different technologies like b2evolution, media wiki, Joomla, PHP scripts are being implemented to the website for better functioning and results. These technologies can only be implemented to the website if the hosting service allows them to. The cheap hosting service providers attract the customers by cheap prices but in the end it’s the customer who loses.
  • Poor security – A website is a marketplace for customers. Various customers visit a website to browse the products of their interest. A lot of information is being shared within the website. Sometimes the customers leave their details behind the website in order to do further business. All these information are being stored within the space offered by the web hosting service provider. All the product details of the website are also stored within the host. It is highly necessary to maintain proper security to save the data from the hackers. If anyone hacked into the website, then it is very easy for him to grab details of both the customers and the products. So, it is highly recommended to opt for web hosting service provider which offers various security features like anti-malware applications, antivirus software’s, firewall technology etc.
  • Slow load time – Websites are maintained with a lot of products just to attract the customers and to convert them into sales. A lot of money has been invested by the owner in order to set a user-friendly interface. When a customer clicks on a website to browse certain products of his/her interest, it is obvious that the customer is expecting a quick browse. But if the website is taking a lot of time while browsing products, then it is pretty sure that the customer will click the back button and will start browsing in different website. In simple words, the owner is losing active business because of the bad server. Most of the time, the web hosting service providers offer very less bandwidth to each website because of shared hosting. Shared hosting is good, only when the bandwidth to each website is maintained properly.
  • Poor customer service – Any issues with the website can be efficiently solved through the hosting configurations. Whether it is some kind of billing issues or virus problems, each and everything can be figured out from the host server. To solve the issues of the website owners, the hosting service providers offer 24×7 technical support assistance. But it has been observed that some web hosting service providers never pick the call neither do they reply to any kind of mail. Without having a proper customer service from the hosting company, it is very difficult for the website owner to deal with the customers. So, it is very important to check the support assistance offered by the web hosting company, before registering with their host service.


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It is very clear that, if a person is opting for a bad web hosting company, then he/she is directly losing customers along with the business. Nowadays it is pretty hard to convert a visitor into a customer because of heavy competitions so we do recomend to choose best WordPress hosting in order to get the best performance of your website and if in such competitive cases, a person is losing customers, and then it will be very difficult for him/her to recover the investment.

So, it is highly recommended to check reviews of the customers before signing with any web hosting service provider. Understand their terms and conditions properly in order to avoid any kind of critical situations in future. Express the overall business model to them in order to modify the hosting service as per the requirements.