Wednesday , 1 February 2023
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Why choose a career in engineering in India?

Everyone wants their child to become an engineer. With the JEE Mains 2016 and JEE Advanced 2016 just around the corner, many aspiring engineers are busy filling out the JEE Mains application form as well as the JEE Advanced application form. The JEE mains admit card will also be soon available, meanwhile all the students are eagerly waiting for the latest JEE mains news. Revisions are to be made, portions are to be covered formulas to be practiced and mock tests to be taken. The main purpose of the JEE mains and Advanced entrance exam is to help the many prestigious IIT’s and engineering colleges to filter out the best students and help them in realizing their dreams of becoming an engineer.

All these talks about becoming an engineer and the numerous entrance exams one has to take in order to become one, with the JEE mains and advanced entrance exams on top of the last. There are many solid reasons why many would like to become an engineer in India; here we list out a few reasons for the same:

Making Money

Engineering and money have long been an interwoven equation, not just in India but throughout India. Money is wealth and wealth is the driving force of the world. And engineering is one of the most highly paid professions in the world. It is a holy grail of sorts that helps you achieve your dreams in a short span of time, especially when earning money is your dream.

The Prestige Of Being An Engineer

One of the most important deciding factors when one chooses a job or occupation is the prestige or the social standing it will provide in the society’s eyes. And without mentioning, one knows that by becoming an engineer you are on the same standing as lawyers and doctors in the society. Not just that, by becoming an engineer, you become a driving force on a global and national level of competitiveness in the world’s economy. Not to forget the immense amount of pride it will bring to one’s parents as they gloat about you as an engineer among their peers.

The Level Of Professionalism

Engineering is a continuous stream of competitiveness, where in each win results in amazing incentives and salary hikes. Engineering is a through and through professional field, with engineering being one of the most prestigious and advanced educational programs not just in India but worldwide as well. Being an engineer, you get the opportunity to study about the top range of technologies and it enables you to get placed in one of the top corporations in India with a huge salary package. Not just that, by becoming an engineer you will gain access to a huge range and variety of information and technology that will help you in cutting your work time by half but double your productivity at the same time. Engineering is in itself, a professional choice.


Engineering is a very flexible and varied choice in itself. Since it does not demand that you conform to one particular kind of occupation or field of study. Its varied right from the various study programs like electrical engineering to mechanical engineering, each field more appealing than the last. And not just that, even after engineering the choices at your disposal are many. Engineering acts as a means of path that opens up and presents us with greater opportunities at every turn and twist.