Wednesday , 24 July 2019
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Wildlife Removal Services for Moles and Raccoons

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Pest control is always a harrowing issue, especially when you’re concerned about the animal in question, yet you are aware of the damages being caused to your home. Humane removal and treatment of pest control is a service that is offered by a few companies, with most wildlife removal services being harsh when getting rid of the rodents in your home. Pests start off with being a small problem, or a minor disturbance, in your home. However, if you let the issue continue, the animals or insects can quickly reproduce, making the problem worse, and eventually you’re left with a situation that is extremely difficult to deal with. Thus, hiring professionals the moment you know you have a pest problem is advisable – it is always better to nip the problem in the bud, rather than let it continue and escalate.

Raccoons are a common pest, with most populations of raccoons living in urban and developed areas. Most raccoons are intelligent, curious, and are strong creatures that are adept at climbing. Raccoons are known to break into houses – in search of food and shelter. Raccoons are also known to live near your garbage, and will root through your garbage in search of food. They are also known to steal pet food, and create distractions and chaos in your home. Because raccoons have hands, this makes them better climbers, which means that securing your home against raccoons is a challenging task. The main thing to look out for, however, is whether a raccoon has nested within your home – and whether there is a litter, which can quickly grow into a family.

Moles are considered a pest as well – and moles are subterranean, and live under ground. Because of this, they dig a network of tunnels and chambers, and create surface tunnels and dirt mounds under the chamber areas. One issue with moles is that moles are territorial, so if there does happen to be one in your yard, it will be difficult to remove from your property. One of the risks of having a mole as a pest is that they will tunnel through your porch or deck, and can risk the stability of your home. This problem, however, doesn’t occur with raccoons – animals that tend to live in chimneys and attics – and other cost small places within your home.

Both pests are common nuisances that can quickly become serious problems that can threaten the very infrastructure of your home – through tunnels, by digging into your home, by ruining your property, and by ruining your private property within your home as well.

Sande Wildlife Control Services is one such company that offers humane and low impact treatments, and uses modern and effective strategies to get rid of the pest in your home. By using up-to-date treatments, it is guaranteed that the pest is removed as quickly and as safely as possible, and that no damage is caused at all – to you, your home, your family, or the pests that were within your home. By providing such services at competitive market rates, and having a diverse menu that caters to people in a variety of situations, Sande Wildlife Control Services has a trusted customer base, and absolute customer satisfaction.