Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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There may come a time at your home or business where external risks increase while safety decreases. Or, you may need this to secure something important, be it property, personnel, or family. When this happens a picket or other yard-type fence may not be the proper solution. This is when you’ll need to look into security fencing.

Overall, security fencing is stronger, more durable, and is a deterrent for many who wish to do harm. The fencing can be simple, tall enough to prevent people from jumping over it, or feature extras like barbed wire or electrification. The fencing sometimes comes in panels or, to stave off possible removal or breakthroughs, a continuous roll which feeds around the property.

When determining the security fence needed it’s good to look at what manufacturers do to make the product. Those who sell high-quality protection purchase a wire weaving machine from places like bergandi. The weaver should be able to produce a single strand, diamond-sized, security mesh utilizing up to six-gauge wire and measure between 3/8″ and 5/8″. They should also be able to generate a double-strand wire weaving mesh up to four inches long.

Once you determine the quality and style of the fence it’s time to select its placement around your property. Some research is going to need to be done on your end to make sure a new fence doesn’t encroach the property lines of other buildings in the area. You may also need to speak with the local municipality to ensure you can put a security fence up.

At the point everything has been verified you need to work with the fence installer to measure out the property, where the fence posts will go, and if there are any potential issues involving water, sewer, or underground electrical lines. What you pay depends on how many square yards of the fence you need, if you require upgrades like barbed wire, and the ease or difficulty of installation.

In the end, you do need to review if the cost of the security fence will reduce the risk to your property and family.