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10 Most Popular News Blogs/Websites on the Internet

10 of the Most Popular News Blogs on the Internet

If you are an avid reader and want to flick through some of the most popular and relevant news blogs or websites, keep scrolling. We have compiled a list of the 10 most popular blogs that are ideal for newsreaders. Take a look.

Top 10 News Blogs

Google News

Covering a wide magnitude of news from all over the world, Google news is one of the most reliable news blog platforms that reigns the internet news world. Much is known about Google, but just to outline its core; it’s a power-packed news blog that readers rely upon. Google news shares distinct news and features it in different sections like top stories, for you, following, news showcase, and saved searches. It shows Covid-19 updates. The demographic consideration of Google News takes India, the world and your local news in view. If you’re looking for vertical-centered news, you will get business, technology, entertainment, space, science, and the health industry at the core. It collects information from all major sources and shows the most important news blogs and articles. The website is multilingual and provides information to both iPhone and Android users.

LinkedIn News

Everyone’s favorite. The latest news updates and reports can be explored through LinkedIn News. Whether you are seeking a crypto update, job industry update or education sector update, you can get it all without wandering from section to section. LinkedIn news editors cover and feature important business, career and economy-focused stories to delight readers. They create, curate and cultivate information from all the sources and angles to ensure that you get the best news worth reading on this popular news blog on the Internet.

Times of India

Nothing can replace the grandeur of Times of India, a news venture that has been working restlessly for decades to circulate the best quality news. There is hardly any industry that is not covered by the Times Group. In particular, its blog page is highly engaging, with more and more news popping up in a brilliantly written format. Environment, Lifestyle, Q&A, Foreign Media, Tech, Science, Reviews- pick the section you like, take a glance at it and start reading.

India Today

One of the oldest magazines by India Today Group is all-encompassing and is released online as a website/web app to supply trustworthy news to its readers and keep them hooked. The news website has turned into a popular news blog featuring updated news. Check out the latest news from India and around the world on Technology, Current Affairs, Business, Politics, Cricket, and Travel.

Economic Times

You can read and remain updated on every topic by reading Economic Times. The news belongs to diverse verticals, including health, energy, real estate, technology, retail, telecom, marketing and advertising, IT, Auto, etc. The news that is hot on the web acquires a separate section to keep the readers up-to-date. Discover your reading interests and explore different niches to remain up-to-date. The Economic Times shares blogs on Market, News, Industry, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Wealth, Food, lifestyle and other topics to keep its readership intact.

Business Insider

The unending news list pivots around important news from tech, business, startups, markets, investing, cryptocurrency, advertising, reviews, and lifestyle industries. It has quickly become a digital news source for an emerging generation of business leaders, reaching more than 25 million monthly readers. A sub-branch under the umbrella of Times Internet Limited, Business Insider is a complete pack of news, entertainment and information and a popular news blog.


Discovered as a trendy news blog, Buzzfeed targets Gen Z and millennials by focusing on entertainment, gadgets, social news and whatnot. It’s a media company with a lot of stuff on its plate- it includes videos, celeb news, breaking news, quizzes, DIY hacks, pop culture, tasty food videos, and recipes. trending and latest topics like technology, business, politics, etc. can be discovered on BuzzFeed. The platform imbues innovation to reach out to hundreds of people globally. The organization is headquartered in New York.

Tech Crunch

If you want to add an extra crunch to your day by reading trending news or blogs, Tech Crunch will serve the purpose. You will get a search bar to find whatever interests you. Besides, Tech Crunch offers a compilation of audio recordings, videos and newsletters to inspire and enhance advertising horizons and readership.


Mashable will take you to a whole new world of news from different countries and industries. You may find the website a bit clumsy, but it never runs short of information. On Mashable, you can discover last-minute updates, “what’s rising”, “what’s hot”, and “What’s new”, and that too in a structured form. Coronavirus, science, mobility, podcast, entertainment, tech, culture, social are some of the topics that can be discovered on Mashable. It’s the most popular news blog on the Internet and a one-stop shop for all your reading and news needs.

Think Progress

Think Progress is a platform to catch up with the latest stories related to the world on healthcare, climate, and politics. You can simply get lined up to see up-to-date news. Engaging images and videos are a part of the blog that makes news reading exciting.

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