Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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4 Tips for Hiring a Printer Service

Are you a resident of Virginia? Do you need something printed for your workplace? Or maybe you have your own printer, but it’s acting up and needs to be looked at by the professionals.

Printer shops are a dime a dozen in Virginia, but with the right research, you can figure out which companies are worth your time before you even hire them. Here are just four tips for finding and selecting a top-notch printer service.

1. Know the Local Brands

Which printing companies are the first to pop up on your favorite search engine? Which have the largest number of reviews? Which are located within your neighborhood? Make a list of the different brands that you might consider as you’re hunting for printer services. You’ll need to narrow them down eventually, but for now, try to be comprehensive with your options.

2. Check Their List of Services

Despite their name, printing companies usually offer more than just printing. For example, they might also fix copiers and fax machines, or they might buy, rent or trade printers in addition to selling them. You’ll never know the full scope of their services until you do some digging on their website. Look for something like “what we do” or “services we offer.”

3. Make Sure That They Can Help You

This is especially true if you have an old or rare printer. Not every printer service will be able to fix it, so double-check that they can handle that 2001 Lexmark. You might also want to double-check if you’re looking for something new and advanced like laser printing; this could turn out to be a niche service as well.

4. Ask About Prices

How much do they charge for a single printed page? Is that the color price or the black-and-white price? Does it cost extra for images as well as words? Do they have a minimum page count before they’ll handle your order? Do your homework before committing to any particular brand.

printer service alexandria vaThese are just a few tips for hiring a printer service Alexandria VA. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, repair, copy or print, let these suggestions guide you towards a reputable business.