Friday , 30 September 2022
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6 reasons to get AT&T internet

6 reasons to get AT&T internet

There’s nothing like slow internet at home to bring you down. Knowing that while your neighbors might be enjoying 4K films streaming in multiple rooms, you’re stuck watching a buffering sign as your connection struggles to keep up.

Switching internet provider is one of life’s little hacks — people hardly ever do it, even though it generally nets them a better deal and better service almost immediately.

If you’re looking for a new provider, then, AT&T has a set of features that rivals can’t match. We’ll run you through some of the reasons to go for the network.


When it comes to streaming, gaming, downloading or basically any activity on the internet, speed is king. You simply need the bandwidth to support your hobbies or pastimes, and AT&T has the setup to make sure that you never lag behind the competition.

Whether you opt for a package with a basic 100Mbps (and we’d call that anything but basic) or go for a lightning-fast 300Mbps, you’ll be able to stream away in comfort, without latency. If you want truly bleeding-edge connections, though, opt for a gigabit-speed 1000Mbps package, to really live your best streaming life

At that rate, uploading a 4-minute HD video will take literally less than a second. You won’t be able to go back, once you try it.


Speed’s key, but if your connection keeps dropping out you won’t have much fun with it. AT&T’s network is rated at 99% reliability[1], making it a safe bet if you want to be confident in your ability to keep online.

Plus, you’ll be waving goodbye to the days of surges in traffic killing your internet. Whether you’re streaming a vlog at 7PM on a weekday, or gaming into the early hours on the weekend, you’ll enjoy the same reliable performance and connection.

Smart Home Manager

So, if your connections are stable and they’re insanely fast, happy days, right? Well, sometimes you might want a little control over exactly how people are using the Wi-Fi in your home. Whether that’s for houseguests who need access, or to make sure your kids aren’t on the internet when they shouldn’t be, AT&T has an ace up its sleeve — the Smart Home Manager app.[2]

This little mobile app lets you control access to your home network, see who’s connected, and even test your internet speeds at any time. Those features are often reserved for those who’ve shelled out for fancy extra routers or services, but not here.

Nationwide Hotspots

If that’s your home absolutely sewn up with great internet over which you have total control, another amazing bonus from going with AT&T comes up when you’re out and about.

You get access, for no extra charge, to AT&T’s entire range of public Wi-Fi hotspots — all 30,000 of them around the US. We’ll let that sink in. That means you can get the benefits of quick internet without running down your cell plan at stadiums, shopping malls, and on streets all around the country.


Now through the end of March, order internet online and get a $50 reward card. Bundle and get up to $250 in AT&T Visa Rewards Cards with a qualifying purchase plus $0 activation fee when you order online.

Antivirus for free

One thing that might be playing on your mind, though, in this age of hacks and security flaws, is your online safety. Another extra that AT&T just throws in for its Internet plans comes in the form of its Internet Security Suite. This protective suite, powered by tech from security doyens McAfee, will give you free anti-virus, spyware and firewall protection, all completely gratis.

Between security, connection speed and stability, and more, AT&T’s Internet plans are pretty irresistible.

[1] Reliability excludes DSL and based on network availability

[2] AT&T Smart Home Manager is available to AT&T Internet service customers with a compatible AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway.  Features limited to home Wi-Fi network