Sunday , 22 September 2019
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7 ideas that will make you change your perception on unemployment

Does a job define a man? The curiosity of what a person does for a living is what makes the question keep on popping up between people who have just met. Many people believe men who don’t work are useless because they don’t seem to add significant value. In as much as men find their identity in employment, a job does not define your worth.

It is true that being employed is important but does it mean that losing a job has to be the end of you? This pressure from the society is what makes people who find themselves unemployed suffer from depression that makes others contemplate suicide. Research shows that unemployed people turn to drug abuse to relieve the distress of not securing a job. You may be a graduate who has not found a job yet, two years after graduation or a father who has lost a job. How should you cope with being unemployed?

Be compassionate

Know that losing a job or failing to find one after school does not make you less of a man. Treat yourself with compassion so that you can fight anxiety caused by the surrounding conditions. You may be wondering how you will settle your bills but don’t let it make you fall into depression. Mental illnesses will come at a higher cost if you let your situation weigh you down. Understand that the position is only temporary and take each day at a time finding better job search mechanisms.


You may have friends whom you graduated together already in good jobs. Let this not weigh you down but accept that everything happens for a reason. Be patient as you agree that everybody has their journey of life.  In case you have been unfairly sacked, do not hold on to grudges, and instead accept the situation with gratitude for better days are coming. The new position should also make you know that life has changed so that you can start controlling your finances to avoid overspending. It helps you prioritize on the most important things since you may have limited income resources.

Do not feel alone

Studies show that the rate of unemployment keeps on increasing every day. Do not look down on yourself or criticize yourself just because you lost a job. Declare positive thoughts to yourself and avoid people who put you down for your situation. Purpose to stay open-minded as you work hard to secure better employment opportunities.

Come up with a plan

Use your free time on your hands to apply for as many jobs as you can. Do not undermine an opportunity based on low salaries or short-term contract.  Ensure that your resume is updated and drop it both manually and digitally in all vacant positions to increase your chances.

Target your dream companies and drop your credentials more than once. Do a follow up with them after some time since your persistence may convince them.  Go through newspaper ads and reach out to people already in the job market. Such connections will make people aware that your services are available in case something comes up.

Stay busy

At the moment, engage in freelancing on specific areas because the bills will not settle themselves. Stay open-minded and don’t be choosy on jobs. Take up an internship opportunity even if there is it for free. You may not earn from such opportunities, but they equip you with skills that may come in handy when you finally get a good job. Take up volunteer work so that you can assist someone in your community. You can offer free services in an orphanage or help the elderly with daily activities. Such activities make you feel worth since you are giving back to the community in your own way.

Have limitations when hanging out

Most unemployed young adult spends too much time idling rather than being productive. Even if you take some time having fun with your friends, avoid being influenced wrongly. Your unemployed friends may have given up on finding a job and turn to drugs. Let them not make you fall into the trap of addiction. Recommend them to drug treatment centers Broomfield for them to recover from drug abuse so that they can focus on finding good jobs rather than spending a whole day smoking weed.

Connect with people

Use your free time to connect with all kinds of people. Get involved in activities involving a community by joining groups such as youth group in church or an association for men only. Find friends online through social media platforms to widen your scope. Talk to people in a similar situation who are also looking for jobs so that you help each other. Let them know of opportunities that you hear about that may not be in your line but may interest someone else. By sharing leads as you maintain a relationship with them, they can, in turn, reciprocate the favor.

Join a professional body that is in line with your course studies so that they can connect you with companies in your niche. Such groups keep you busy as you feel part of a larger community. You never know where your luck lies; you might meet your next boss in one of the groups. Remain close to your friends and families since they can help you reach out to others.

Final thoughts

Securing a job may not be easy, but it does not mean that being jobless is an excuse to sit back and do nothing. The frustrations that come with idleness when a man is not working is what bring feelings of anger to the partner. Find something you can do while you keep your options open so that you avoid financial constraints on the family.

Have faith in yourself and reflect confidence when you attend different job interviews. Be grateful for those who help you out with your job search and avoid showing desperation while at it. Be the motivation to other young people who have lost hope in finding good jobs. Play your part in helping the community as you work hard and leave the rest to God.