Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Supporting the Workforce: Ensuring Your Field Workers are Safe and Satisfied on the Job

Working out in the field is a difficult task, especially when you work remotely on an oil rig or other offshore location. These jobs require many hours of dedicated work in an isolated region. As a business owner or manager, it’s your duty to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace. Get to know how you can support your workforce with a few, basic concepts.

Set up Regular Communications

Supporting your employees means that communications must be clear at all times. Regular meetings should be the norm. These gatherings may only be 10 or 15 minutes long. However, they should clarify any issues recently observed at the job site. If there’s a malfunction with surface and subsea support equipment, for instance, a resolution brought up during the meeting can calm worried minds. When everyone feels included, they’re more inclined to work harder and safer than ever before.

Maintain Company Equipment

Employees feel supported when the equipment that they rely on is constantly updated and maintained. A business might turn to an equipment supplier, such as PRT Offshore, so that every update and proper part is safely maintained. Your employees don’t have to worry about failed parts, which tells them that you respect their time and efforts.

Pay Attention to Safety Parameters

Productivity cannot outrank safety when you’re working offshore. Always stress the importance of safety gear and protocols. If an employee has an older vest or harness, update their gear as soon as possible. Supporting your team means that they’re confident in their position in the field. Feeling uncomfortable with any situation will only reduce productivity while wearing away at employee morale. Paying for upgraded, safety gear is always worth the investment.

Show that you’re a hard worker along with your employees. Be present at the job site, and participate in some tasks. When your employees know that you can complete a task without any hesitation, a feeling of respect grows among the group members. Supporting everyone in the field includes the supervisors as well.