Wednesday , 8 February 2023
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9 worst Internet of Things junk at Mobile World Congress


I don’t know about you, but it seems like it’ll be pretty hard to get malware on your wearable.

Well, Intel isn’t so sure, so has built a special McAfee flavor for your Android Wear watch so you can know about vulnerabilities, find your phone and… do whatever else.

Smart tape measure

If you woke up this morning thinking it would be great to have a Bluetooth-enabled tape measure, it’s your lucky day.

This Korean-based company at MWC wants to smarten-up your tape measure so you can beam measurements to your phone — and add voice memos.

The device is a good example of Internet of Things technology that doesn’t have a fallback — if your battery’s dead you’re not going to be measuring anything.

Track everything your kids say wearable

I think the revolution of wanting to track your children’s every move is pretty creepy as it is, but this new device will track where they go and what they say — then sync it back to your phone over Bluetooth.

There’s no pricing or availability — nor could the representatives tell me where you can actually buy this thing, but hey, it exists.