Wednesday , 29 January 2020
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Banned on China’s Internet: all discussion of the Panama Papers

On Sunday, 100 news outlets published the first tranche of articles based on the largest leak in history, 2.6TB worth of records from Mossack Fonseca, the third-largest lawfirm specializing in confidential offshore shell-companies. The Panama Papers implicated world leaders from every region, and the revelations are still playing out — in Iceland, the government may falland be replaced with the ... Read More »

The Next Wave in the Internet’s Evolution

As the presidential candidates shift toward the general election, voters will hear divergent plans to address the problem of “too big to fail” financial institutions. The real threat to Wall Street, however, doesn’t come from politicians, but from startups that are disrupting financial services at an unprecedented pace. Last year, investment in financial technology (FinTech) startups that aim to transform ... Read More »

Satellite Internet Providers Push To Sign-Up Rural Ohioans

About 98 percent of Ohioans have access to basic broadband internet. But some rural Ohioans struggle to get any sort of connection at all. Now satellite-to-dish internet service providers are scrambling to fill the void. Listen Listening…4:32 Hear the Story! Semi-retired attorney Nick Pittner spends part of his free time talking to people all over the world. But he does ... Read More »

Internet vigilantes snare predator who hoped to meet girl, 14, for sex

Daniel Mullarkey, 31, was identified and filmed by members of Internet Interceptors who invented the schoolgirl to snare him. When he arranged to meet the girl for sex he was instead confronted by the vigilantes and jumped a fence and fled. He was arrested after reporting the group to police. Mullarkey pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court yesterday to attempting ... Read More »

Orange invests $85M in Africa Internet Group, Africa’s first billion dollar tech firm

There’s more money for Africa Internet Group (AIG), the Rocket Internet-backed company that became Africa’s first tech unicorn last month when it landed a $326 million investment at a valuation of more than $1 billion. AIG today revealed that it has taken an additional €75 million (around $85 million) in additional cash from new investor mobile giant Orange. Beyond the new capital, the ... Read More »

Salleh: Internet coverage the priority, not speed

Malaysia’s priority is to ensure the rakyat have access to the Internet – rather than how fast it is, says Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak. The Communications and Multimedia Minister was responding in a written reply Tuesday in Parliament to Dr Izani Husin (PAS-Pengkalan Chepa), who had asked why Malaysia’s Internet speed was slower than in some Asean countries. Salleh ... Read More »

White House Unveiling New Comparison Internet Service Labels

The Obama administration on Monday unveiled new labels for broadband and mobile Internet service, aimed at helping the nation’s web users make price and service comparisons. The labels from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission are similar to federally required nutrition labels on nearly all U.S. foods or information on credit card billing statements and will include disclosures of all fees ... Read More »

State bill targets Internet child predators by increasing funding

A bill to increase funding to target Internet child predators got a boost Thursday when state lawmakers, law officers and Attorney General Alan Wilson appeared with a young woman who told her story about being kidnapped by a cyber predator. “I’m a survivor,” said national Internet child safety activist Alicia Kozakiewicz in a news conference to publicize the bill in ... Read More »

Stressed out? It could be your slow internet

feeling stressed out, it might be because of your slow internet connection. Delays to loading web pages and videos increase our heart rate and produce a level of stress equivalent to watching a horror film, according to a study from Ericsson. The telecoms group studied the brain activity, eye movements and pulse of 30 Danish volunteers to determine how they ... Read More »

Internet of Things: Let devices do the talking

Running out of household supplies suddenly or having to tank up the car on short notice are everyday problems. There are solutions at hand, though. Expanding the market for consumer goods, Amazon introduced the ‘Dash’ button in the US — a 2-inch wi-fi connected device which refills and restocks everyday household essentials such as laundry detergent, cereal packs, baby wipes ... Read More »