Saturday , 4 February 2023
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America deals with Australia’s terrible Internet in hysterical ‘Wife Swap’ parody

In a parody of Wife Swap, everyone’s favourite show where everyone freaks out, WiFi Swap takes Christina from New York City to Australia, so she can experience all the wonders of geo-blocking, the lack of Hulu, and the constant buffering. All thanks to the truly craptacular Internet service Down Under.

Meanwhile, Tarryn from Australia is sent to America, where she experiences the complete opposite, with Internet for days and HBO Go on repeat.

The video is by a group called Australians Responding to Serious Flaws in Information and Technology (A.R.S.F.I.S.T., of course) that is campaigning for a faster, more affordable and freer Internet.

Australia, ranked the 44th nation in the world in Internet speed in 2015, is so far behind we haven’t even found out what happens between Ross and Rachel from Friends yet. Please send help.