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Wikipedia Uses AI to Assist Human Editors

The Objective Revision Evaluation Service uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help Wikipedia editors identify damaging articles more quickly and assign quality scores to them more rapidly. Every day, Wikipedia is edited some 500,000 times, Wikimedia said. Editors, most of them volunteers, have to review all those changes. ORES allows those editors to peer into incoming content to identify ... Read More »

Yahoo Reintroduces a Messenger for This Millennium

In the midst of takeover speculation, Yahoo on Thursday reintroduced its standby Messenger app in a more robust version, with a set of features designed to breathe new life into a semi-comatose patient. Late, No Chaser “The reboot of Yahoo Messenger comes at an odd time, making it look somewhat like a Hail Mary pass by a CEO under fire,” ... Read More »

Porsche Is on an All-Electric Mission

Porsche on Friday revealed plans to produce its first 100 percent electrically powered sports car under its Mission E project by the end of the decade. The Mission E concept car debuted at the Frankfurt International Motor Show earlier this year. The four-door vehicle utilizes a system power output that exceeds 440 kW and can accelerate from 0 to 100 ... Read More »

Gadget Ogling: Custom Kicks, Heartbeat Tricks, and Office Picks

Welcome, one and all, to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that probes the latest gadget announcements through the lens of slightly too much eggnog. Yes, even this early in December. In our sleigh this week are sneakers with a customizable display, a paper recycling system, a way for distant lovers to feel closer to each other, and a different ... Read More »

Steve Ballmer’s Excellent Android Adventure

Steve Ballmer last week presented an interesting plan to kill Android — or at least compete with it. What’s ironic is that Ballmer’s tenure at Microsoft wasn’t short of good ideas — it was short on execution. In contrast, Satya Nadella has shown strength in execution but (so far) hasn’t come up with anything that represents the kind of risks ... Read More »

Facebook Lets Ordinary People Try Out Live Video

Facebook last week launched a beta of its Live Video service for a small percentage of iPhone users in the United States. Live Video reportedly will be available for the Android platform at a later date. Facebook also has launched a pilot to make it easier to share videos from mobile devices. Some iPhone and Android device users can tap ... Read More »

Hot New BunsenLabs Linux Eases Pain of CrunchBang Loss

  Developer Philip Newborough retired the popular minimalist distro earlier this year. In a world of feature-packed operating systems and bloated Linux distros, he felt his CrunchBang alternative served no further purpose. BunsenLabs is one of three CrunchBang replacements that mimic the lightweight but highly functional OS. CrunchBang++ and CrunchBang-Monara are the other two. BunsenLabs Linux is based on Debian ... Read More »

4-Inch iPhone With Apple Pay May Be Coming Soon

The new iPhone model will have an A9 processor — the same processor found in the latest iPhone models — and a metal casing offered in several colors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said, MacRumors reported last week. The unit also will have 2.5D cover glass with curved edges — like the iPhone 6s — and 8 megapixel rear-facing ... Read More »

Wii U at Long Last to Share Minecraft Gold

Mojang on Monday announced that Minecraft finally is headed for the Wii U, with touchdown scheduled for Dec. 17. The lack of Minecraft availability long has been a legitimate reason to skip the Wii U in favor of another console. Although Minecraft is just the type of family-forward experience Nintendo pushes, it’s surprising how long it took the LEGO-like sandbox ... Read More »

Hello Barbie, Can We Talk About Your Security Issues?

New security issues that surfaced last week in connection with Mattel’s Hello Barbie doll, which talks back to kids, have heightened fears that hackers could use the toy to steal information about its owners and their families. The Hello Barbie app, which is available for iOS and Android, uses an authentication credential that can be reused by hackers, Bluebox disclosed. ... Read More »